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Our Top 5 Favorite Campgrounds!!!…!!

Yes folks, the votes our in and here they are! Lost Campers top 5 favorite campgrounds!

5. Upper Pines campground, Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Valley $20 per night

We ran into some fellow Lost Campers on our trip!

We ran into some fellow Lost Campers on our trip!

Upper pines is a nice little campground in Yosemite. All the sites are fairly close to bathrooms that offer flushing toilets, showers are not too far either and they of course offer bear lockers for your coolers and dried goods. When I camped there a couple of years ago, the facilities were clean and the campsites are spaced enough to give you a sense of privacy and plenty of shade. It is also near Curry village and some fantastic trail heads for hiking. For more information visit:

4. Lewis Lake $15 per night, or Grant Village $27 per night, Yellowstone National Park
Take your pick: If you don’t mind roughing it or if you did not book ahead of time check out Lewis Lake, the sites are primitive and it offers only vault toilets, but it is a beautiful quiet location. Grant village has showers, laundry on site and is still a decent per diem cost, but we advise booking ahead as it fills up quick! Find more information at:

3. Fernwood Resort and Campground, Big Sur, CA $55 per night
Fernwood offers sites right along the Big Sur River at the edge of Pfeiffer State Park. It is a very nice campground the offers hot showers and clean bathrooms. There is lots of shade and the river is gorgeous. There is a groovy Bar and Grill that offers good food and live music on certain nights of the week. You can find more info at:

2. Two Medicine Campground, Glacier National Park, MT $20 per night
Two Medicine Campground is a great campground off the beaten path in Glacier National Park. It is on Two Medicine Lake, and I definitely recommend trying to get a spot on the lake. The view is beautiful and there are some really nice secluded sites that are level and offer shade and privacy. There are bathrooms, but no showers and all sites are first come first serve so plan ahead!
For more information visit:

1. Dead Horse State Park, Moab UT


Okay, okay so as a Utah native I am slightly biased in picking this as #1, however it is a great place to camp right along the border of Canyonlands National Park. There are flushing toilets, covered picnic tables for shade and electric hook ups as well. No showers though folks. The campsites are well spaced but I prefer the outer loop as the sites seem bigger there. It is close to a great 4 mile hike with fantastic views. Dead Horse point is 2000 feet above the Colorado River and offers views of amazing Red Rock as far as the eye can see. I love Moab! You will love Moab too. London, Paris….Moab!
For more information visit:

Submitted by Launi Haygood SLC Vans enthusiast

Frequently asked questions when renting a Camper Van


Wow! What a busy summer it has been for Lost Campers. We are very excited to see such amazing growth in this company that has such humble beginnings. We love all of our fantastic customers and want to make sure everyone has all the information they need to enjoy a great adventure! I thought it would be a good time to post about some of the frequently asked questions we receive from customers to help out any new comers to the camper van renting scene.

Q: “When you say 100 free miles per day does that mean we can only drive 100 miles per day?”
A: No, mileage is set up for you to use as you wish over the course of your trip, however, we do not recommend exceeding 300 miles in a day as that is quite a bit of driving and tired drivers on the road are dangerous to themselves and others.

Q: “Will my own auto/travelers/credit card insurance cover my rental or do I have to buy your insurance?”
A: Some personal insurance policies will cover rentals, it is up to you to check out what your policy covers, purchasing insurance through us is completely your choice, however, we do have the right to refuse to rent if there is no coverage at all.

Q: “What condition do we have to return the van in?”
A: When returning a van we ask that you bring the gas tank back full, remove all food and garbage, bring the dishes back clean, empty the waste water. Treat it respectfully throughout your journey and will not have much to clean up upon return. We love our vans and we want all of our renters to love them too so please treat them with loving care!

Q: ” When we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, there was no toll booth or place to pull over and pay the toll, what do we do?”
A: There are no longer toll booths for many of the toll bridges and roads in California. You will need to get access to the internet and go to, click on “onetime payment” this will tell you the steps to take to pay online using the website with a credit card or by calling toll free 877-BAY-TOLL. You have 48 hours to pay your toll after crossing the bridge. If your toll goes unpaid, you will be ticketed, and if we receive an unpaid ticket we charge a $45 administration fee on top of the amount of the ticket to handle it for you.

Q: “Do we have to camp at an RV site with your camper vans?”
A: Our vans are not considered to be RV’s and they do not require RV hook ups. We have had many renters save themselves money by renting a tent site. To find yourself a campground, check out or check out the national forest service website:

Q: “How much luggage can we fit into a van?”
A: All of the vans offer cargo space that is easier to utilize with soft sided bags like duffels or backpacks. Hard sided suit cases are not as easy to “Tetris” around in the van. We do offer roof bins for rent, but they have limited availability and cannot be mounted to the Hotel Sierra Vans as the roof tent occupies the entire roof. When packing just keep in mind that we already include the kitchen sink so you will not need to pack yours.

We hope this post helps with your planning! We look forward to getting you on the road!

Cheers, The Lost Campers Crew

11 year old, Autumn, opens a roof top tent like a boss!

Submitted by one of our awesome renters, Paul W.- his 11 yr old daughter, Autumn, became a rooftop tent master on their trip!

11 yr old roof tent master“>11 yr old roof tent master


Dr. Jennifer Leigh will be renting a Lost Campervan at the very beginning of 2015 and embarking on a road trip across America to research human resilience in times of hard ship. This is a very inspiring project and we are proud to have Jennifer setting out on her journey in one of our campervans. We wish her all the best in her discoveries along the way. Please check out the link below, this is really good stuff! Happy Holidays!


Top 10 Scenic Drives in the Northern Rockies-link


Check out this link. It may have you re-routing your itinerary to see these amazing areas!

Utah’s Grand Circle-Fantastic Vimeo Vid

Utah has a million and one beautiful things that will take your breath away. Checkout this great video by Blue Eden. It will inspire the explorer in everyone! Remember- A Lost Campers Campervan can get you there!

New Hiking and Biking trails opening in Utah 2015


Utah is constantly creating and improving hiking and biking trails throughout the state. Here is a link to KSL, a local Utah news provider. This article from their outdoor and recreation section about upcoming trails opening in 2015. Remember- A Lost Campers Campervan can get you there!

Check out this road trip video by Chris Holt

This video was submitted to us by renter Chris Holt. Check out their awesome adventure across the U.S.
Thank you Chris for sharing your amazing road trip experience with us!

Van named Sue

Names can have much meaning and here at Lost Campers they definitely do.
All of our Campervans have names. Our renters love that they have names, it gives each van instant personality. Even more interesting though; these names have been inspired by people that Nick and Emma have known throughout the years. Some of them are fun nicknames, like “Looney”, there are also the usual names like “Tom”. For me, this not only gives the Vans personality, but it also reflects the connections between many wonderful people over the course of many years . Each name has a real person behind it- how cool is that?!. It shows how much heart and soul has gone into making Lost Campers the company it is today. Now that I’m all misty eyed about how much I love Lost Campers…I’ll move on.

No, there is not really a Van named Sue, (I could be wrong though, the fleet is growing). The title of this entry is inspired by Johnny Cash, “Boy Named Sue” If you don’t know who Johnny Cash is, well, blame your parents and download some Cash to your I-pod pronto. For me, Johnny Cash and camping go hand in hand. It is a tradition to listen to some good old country while warming my bones next to the campfire.

In my family, camping is like the holidays. We have traditions that we do every time: Waking up early to watch a sunrise, experimental s’more making with different kinds of candy, star gazing with the telescope, and of course- day drinking cold beers with the “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” rule. Maybe it’s the impending holidays that has me thinking about traditions. What are your camping traditions? We’d love to hear about them! Give us some comments!

Submitted by Launi Haygood, Lost Campers-Salt Lake City

Campervan rental Yosemite!


Portland 2007 026

Hiking is one of the best ways to experience nature’s beauty. Here at Lost Campers we always have customers asking about the best places to go. Some people are avid hikers seeking a challenge, and others prefer a mosey through the woods. Whatever your pace, I have some websites that I recommend to help you plan your next adventure!

-This is a fantastic site. It has information about hiking trails around the world. It is a social network for outdoor lovers where you can share trail info and photos. It also has a mobile app option for your smart phone. Unlike some the other hiking trail sites out there- it is free and has up to date information. There is also a trip planner option- so nice!

-This site is basic and straight forward, it has been around for a long time and I have found the information it provides detailed and reliable ( At least for Utah). The hikes are submitted mostly by area locals and there is listings for almost every state in the U.S. You can also pick hikes by category ie: “family friendly” or “challenging”.

Info and photo submitted by Launi Haygood- Lost Campers Salt Lake City