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Campervan Rental San Francisco

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It is that time of year again. The Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival is here and we are very excited!

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

We are very excited.  Lost Campers is already nearly full and that is great!.  It is the best festival in San Francisco.  Don’t take my word for come and see it for yourselves!  Very exciting!

Right on.  Nickyboy out!

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Lost Campers news 2014

Campervan rental Los Angeles

Lost Campers is happy to announce a new website coming at the start of October.  It has been a long time coming.  One of our friends commented recently that our website appears to have been invented the same time as the internet.  I did have a good laugh at that.  The truth is, is that we did not want to change it, because no matter it’s flaws, you, the customer loved it.  And we did not want to alienate you guys.  But alas we had to change the site.  It was something that was inevitable.  Anyways, there will be tonnes of new content plus heaps of new photos.  We are also going to make it really easy for your to get quotes and the booking process will simplified as well.  I am really happy with how it is going to look.  And I think you guys will be too.

Our blog.  This is something I plan to work on a daily basis.  I really want the blog to be a portal on my thoughts on the travel industry and what we are up too as a company.

Thanks for reading and have a good night.  It was supposed to rain here tonight.  And rain is very foreign in San Francisco as we are in a serious drought.  However it looks like it will miss us.  See you tomorrow!



Lost Campers

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Our Beautiful new Redwood class is here. Check it out!

*Largest Campervan in our fleet which is very modern and incredibly roomy inside *This easy to drive van is so …Continue reading →

Paul having a fabulous time up in Yosemite.

Campervan rental Yosemite!

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The Sinks are now being fitted to all of the Big Boy Vans!

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  Exciting times people.  We are now introducing table to our Big Boy vans and adding sinks as well.  For …Continue reading →

Rooftop Tents : Hotel Sierra

Look at our brand new roof top tents for our Sierra class. We are very excited. Limited stocks available, please email for quotes and reservations!

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MArnie and Melinda traveling in our campervans!

Thank you for the shots. I am glad you had an awesome time in Sebby the Van

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Tim W you rock!

We just had the most awesome renters in the world.  Thanks Tim W for traveling with us.  You rock! Read More

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Another pretty shot of our vans getting among it all!

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Simon and Marie driving up the coast!

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