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Pacific Northwest Camping || 4 Great Spots

 Pacific Northwest Camping || Fall and Winter


Summer is ending, but that doesn’t mean that the camping season is over. Fall and Winter can be great times to get away for a little while and reconnect with nature – or maybe just take your mind off of work for a few days. It can be tricky to pick out the best spots to camp, so we’ve put together a collection of 4 great Pacific Northwest camping spots for you to explore in the off season.


pacific northwest camping

Photo courtesy of Chelise Simmons, Lost Campers Crew Member

Cape Disappointment

Don’t let the name fool you- Cape Disappointment is anything but disappointing. With plenty of explore, you’ll have a blast at this State Park. The park has old military ruins to explore, an interactive museum, and plenty of trails to hike. You’re never very far from civilization either, so if you’re worried about being too disconnected from the rest of the world you can set that aside and relax!

Crater Lake National Park

No Pacific Northwest camping trip would be complete without seeing Crater Lake. Depending on when the winter storms settle in, Crater Lake has several different options to choose from when it comes to camping! The upper rims are closed off by November 1st at the very latest, but the Mazama campground is still open year round. If you’re into snowshoeing or snowmobiling, there’s plenty to do even after the snow covers the grounds. Crater Lake is one of the PNW’s most gorgeous parks in Summer, it’s still a must-see in Fall and Winter.


Larrabee State Park

Larrabee offers a spectacular view of the Samish Bay and the San Juan Islands. There’s plenty to do from kayaking to hiking, and the park even offers showers! The park is open year round, so you don’t have to worry about getting in before it closes for the season. A Lost Campers campervan would be perfect for settling down to admire the sea on the coastline.

pacific northwest camping

Photo courtesy of Nora Montanye, Lost Campers Renter


Mt. Hood National Forest

Mt. Hood is gorgeous all on its own, but the forest surrounding it is filled with things to do. Hike to Tamanawas Falls to enjoy one of the many beautiful waterfalls Oregon has to offer. If you’re camping in the colder seasons, you can also snowshoe and ski in the area! Pack to suit the season, and you’ll stay warm in one of our campervans.


Planning your Pacific Northwest Camping Trip 

Fall and Winter are the best times to travel in one of our campervans – rates are as much as 65% off! Get your quote today, we’re booking up fast! Our new Seattle location would love to see you for a Pacific Northwest camping adventure this fall or winter, availability is limited so booking soon is recommended!

3 Top Seattle Camping Spots Even You Do Not Have Camping Equipment

Looking for some nearby top Seattle camping places for quick fun and adventure?

Fear not, Lost Campers staff has picked out three great top Seattle camping spots to help you plan your next camping getaway.  Lost Campers has just opened a brand new budget campervan rental depot right outside of Seattle, Washington! Washington State is home to a breathtaking array of scenery, and with so much to see it can be a little difficult to figure out where to start.  Buckle up in one of our campervans and get ready for a fabulous vacation in one of America’s most beautiful States.

Top Seattle Camping Spot #1: Lake Serene & Bridal Veil Falls: Just 1 Hour from Seattle

There are plenty of great spots only a few hours away from Seattle, but if you’re looking for a spot to crash real fast you’ll definitely want to check out Lake Serene. It’s just over an hour drive from Seattle, and well worth it! Camping is allowed as long as you are at least 1/4th mile away from the lake. After you’ve gotten some shut eye hike the trail to the lake to spend some quality time out in nature. Lake Serene is also home to Bridal Veil Falls, though getting to the waterfall is another half mile hike in steep terrain. Be sure to bring your state park pass to get access to this location!


Top Seattle Camping Spot #2: The North Cascades Have Much to Offer!

Less than three hours away from Seattle is the North Cascades National Park. This is a must see for anyone traveling in Washington! The Cascade mountain range offers plenty to do, all while being surrounded in lush green scenery. Over winter, the mountains do get snowy and some road closures can happen. If you’re planning a winter trip be sure to pack warm! With plenty of trails to hike, you’ll never run out of things to do. There are several different campgrounds available inside the park. Be sure to check out their site for more details on what’s available!



Top Seattle Camping Spot #3: Olympic National Park will Take Your Breath Away!

top seattle camping

Olympic National Park, photo courtesy of NPS

Last but certainly not least, only a little over two hours away from Seattle is the gorgeous Olympic National Park. Whether you want to spend time on the shoreline or up in the mountains, this Seattle camping spot has it all. The park is also home to many unique species of plants and animals that are under conservation efforts, so be sure to abide by hiking rules and stay on the trails while you’re out and about! Olympic NP is super popular over summer, so be sure to plan ahead if you’d like to pay a visit to this amazing place during your trip. With a Lost Campers campervan, you can take advantage of just about any campground available!


Our Seattle depot is booking up fast, but of course you can pick up a van from any of our locations and head up north to spend some time in Washington’s lush green forests. Be sure to get your free quote today and a chance to win a campervan rental! Seattle Camping is incredibly popular, you don’t want to miss out.