Camper Van Rental Insurance

Please check with your insurance company prior to pickup of your rental vehicle. Your own auto or traveller’s insurance may cover either or both types of insurance. We also suggest checking with your credit card company to see what they cover. You will need to decline our CDW and/or SLI and will be responsible for making a claim through your insurance company. You can also purchase either of our products if you wish, however, these may duplicate your existing coverage. Renters utilizing their own coverage will be responsible to pay for damages and then seek reimbursement through their insurer.



4) Min. Liability Insurance Included in rates no deductibleYou are responsible for damages to Van
3) Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) with $1 million third-party coverage no deductible $13 per day 2) Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and you don't pay for damages. No deductible. $11 per day 
1) SLI and CDW for $24 per day in CA  By taking both you have protection against third party claims and you waive your right to pay for damages to the campervan rental vehicle
Choose just either CDW or SLI, take both, or stick with the minimum. The choice is yours!
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Campervan insurance options in detail

Liability Insurance – Cover to protect you against claims from other parties

Minimum Liability Insurance = Included in Daily Rates

Included in our daily rates is the minimum third party, liability insurance required by the local State. This offers you minimum protection against third party claims.



To waive your responsibility to pay for bumper to bumper damages to the rental vehicle, you can purchase our Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). There is no deductible or excess. CDW will cover repair and or replacement of up to two tires per rental, and repair or replacement of up to one windshield.

**Without CDW, you are responsible for any or all damage or loss you, the renter, or others cause to the vehicle, regardless of fault.**


$4.50 PER DAY

This policy gives you coverage for accidental death benefits, ($100,000 renter, $10,000 passenger); Accidental medical expense ($1000); Ambulance ($250); Travel assistance; and $525 max per person Personal Effects / belongings coverage.



If you wish to have further protection against third party claims, you can purchase Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) for $13 per day. This insurance will help protect you, the renter, should you injure another person in an accident, or damage the property of another while operating the rental vehicle. This affords the renter with liability insurance up to One Million Dollars.

You can take either of our insurances or choose both for full insurance, or you can use your own insurance. The choice is yours.