To book a campervan, a non-refundable booking deposit of 25% of the rental, is required at the time of booking. (Min of $45, max of $500). Once we receive your booking request, it may take up to 24 hours for us to confirm your booking via email. If the van you have requested is unavailable, we will reach out with other options. When we confirm your booking, we will include a link to our contactless pick up procedure webpage which explains our contactless process and what we require from you in order to draw up your rental documents.
A $40 preparation fee is automatically included in every reservation when quoted or confirmed. If the pick up timeslot you have requested is already booked, we will schedule the closest available pick up time for your rental. Any changes made to your booking once we have drawn up your rental documents (2-3 days prior to your pick up date) will incur a $10 change fee.

Email us at reservations@lostcampersusa.com or call 1 (415) 386-2693 | Toll-Free: +1 (888) 567-8826


Payments are accepted in USD and can be made on a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express only. A card in one of the driver’s names must be entered at the time of booking the van for the booking deposit. The remaining balance of the rental is charged a couple of days prior to your pick up date and done at the same time as we hold the security deposit. The rental balance can be charged to a card in one of the driver’s names. The security deposit must go on a credit card that matches the name on the primary driver’s driving license.

Security Deposits

A security deposit is held on the primary driver’s credit card at the same time that we charge the rental balance. (Information on this is emailed when your booking is confirmed.)
This transaction is set up as an authorization hold (not a charge). We release your security deposit after we inspect your returned vehicle. Returning rentals must be deemed undamaged, with a clean interior, all equipment must be returned and in the same condition as it was sent out, with no dog hair or smoke smells, and with a full tank of gas.
It can take approximately a week for the security deposit to be made available by your bank.
Lost Campers may accept a debit card from another country for the security deposit with proof of liability insurance that covers a vehicle (or if you are taking our Supplemental Liability Insurance). Please contact us for further information and approval before using a debit card. 

Security Deposits are applicable as follows:
$200 for pick ups during business hours.
$400 for pick ups after-hours and for all Redwood van rentals.

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Cancellations must be emailed from the primary driver’s email address listed in the booking. For cancellations made no less than 5 days prior to your pick up date, we will take a $45 cancellation fee out of your booking deposit already paid and issue a credit for the remaining amount. Credit issued can be used up to two years from the cancellation date, at either location. This credit is transferrable to a friend with written permission from the primary driver. For cancellations made 4 days or less prior to your pick update, the booking deposit is forfeit. You may request a letter from us for your travel insurance policy.

If you need to change dates and your pick up date is 5 days or less away, we will charge a change fee of $45 to move your booking to other available dates.

**All monies collected by Lost Campers are non-refundable.


See our insurance page for further information. Insurance selections can be made from the time of booking, up until a few days prior to your pick up date. Please let us know if you need to make changes to your insurance choice ahead of your pickup date. Once we prepare your rental documents to be sent to you, any changes to your booking will incur a $10 change fee. Insurance cannot be added to a rental once the contract has commenced and you are on the road.

Our hours | Pick ups & drop offs

Your pick up and drop off times are chosen by you at the time of booking and are shown on your rental agreement. We reserve the right to adjust pick up times according to availability.
Pick ups can be scheduled every 30 minutes between 9am and 4.30pm, Mon-Sat. Hours may be shorter on days before and after a major holiday.
Returns are allowed 24/7, but you must drop off at your scheduled return time or you may be charged an additional day’s rental. There are no fees to drop off outside our regular business hours, but our daily rates are charged on a 24-hour cycle, beginning at your scheduled pick up time.
A grace period of 1 hour past your scheduled drop off time is allowed. If you drop off more than an hour after your scheduled return, you may be liable to pay an additional day.
After-hours pick ups can be booked for most days from 6am-8.59am and 4.31pm-9pm, Mon-Sat. We allow after-hours pick ups most Sundays from 9am-4.30pm.
There is a $75.00 fee for after-hours pick ups and the security deposit is higher (see below for the amount). **Please note that Burn*ng M*n rentals are not available for after-hours pick ups.  After hours pick ups may not be available on certain days before a holiday. You can email us to check.
**No refunds are given for late pickups or early return of vehicles.

Driver’s Licenses | Minimum Age

We allow 2 drivers to be added to a Lost Campers rental agreement and there is no additional fee for the 2nd driver. Drivers must provide a full & unexpired driver’s license that is valid for the duration of the rental period. Drivers must be at least 21 years of age and have had a full motor vehicle driver’s license for at least one year. In addition, to be added to the rental agreement for our Redwood van, you must be at least 25 years of age.
For foreign drivers: We will need to see your passport. If the driver’s license is not in the English language an International Driving Permit (IDP) or a certified English translation is required along with your driver’s license.


Low Season: 3 days
Mid Season: 4-5 days
Peak Season: 5-7 days
1-way travel: 5 days
B*rn*ng M*n Festival: 10 days
For rentals 21 days and over, we have additional terms. Please email us for more information.
Our maximum rental period is 90 days except for Wanderer rentals which have a max rental period of 30 days.

Lost Campers USA Terms on Mileage

Lost Campers offers unlimited mileage for travel within these states only: California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.
If you plan on travelling to and east of the Missouri River, we require that your booking is for at least 21 days. For travel to the east coast, we require that your booking is for at least 30 days. We reserve the right to charge a fee for vans that travel outside the allowed areas without permission or for any rentals that travel an excess number of miles which we consider mileage abuse. 

Road Restrictions

Driving on unpaved roads (excluding county and state maintained roads), dirt roads, restricted areas and ‘off road’ areas is not allowed. Renter is liable for all damages to vehicle, tires, towing charges and other expenses as a result of a breakdown, collision, or other, associated with operating Lost Campers vehicles in these areas. Lost Campers’ insurance protection will also be null and void.

The following are restricted areas:

  • Anywhere in Mexico and Alaska
  • Anywhere in Canada, unless a Canadian Coverage Insurance Card is pre-purchased from us for a one-time fee of $55 as long as it is added to your booking no later than 2-3 days prior to your pick up (when we draw up your rental documents. Wanderer camping van rentals are not permitted to travel into Canada. This card will be emailed to you and allows our vehicle to travel into Canada. We allow travel to the Canadian States bordering the USA. (i.e., no travel to Yukon, Northwest Territories or further north than Edmonton, Alberta; etc.) Travel to Canada is taken at your own risk. Renter is responsible for towing related charges to the Rental Vehicle and for any and all related problems while traveling in Canada. If a breakdown occurs in Canada renters will liable for all towing charges and/or all costs to return the vehicle to a Lost Campers depot. Renter is liable for all towing costs in the event of an accident.
  • Death Valley. Permission is required from Lost Campers for entry to Death Valley National Park and special terms and conditions apply. Email us for more details.
  • Any unimproved road, trail, track (excluding county and state maintained road)
  • Any off-road areas (dunes, beaches, riverbeds, logging roads, forest trails, dirt trails etc.)
  • Burning Man Festival. Travel to the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert, located just outside of Gerlach, Nevada, otherwise named ‘The Playa’ OR to this location at any time of year is not permitted in a Lost Campervan, due to the extreme nature of this area, unless prior permission has been granted. Please email for our special festival rates and further information. A $2000 fine will be imposed if a Lost Camper van is taken to this area without Lost Campers’ permission.

Some Other Rules

  • Please do not smoke inside your Lost Campers van. Step outside to smoke! This means ANY KIND of smoke. There is zero tolerance for smoking in our camping vans for hire!
  • Please do not spray scents, or use scented oils or add anything to the van that leaves a smell behind. We will charge you a cleaning fee.
  • We allow well-behaved dogs to travel in our vans for a non-refundable $65.00 pet fee. All dog hair must be removed prior to returning the van. Should any damages occur due to the dog, the renter is fully liable for the cost of repairs. We do not allow dogs to go up in our rooftop tents. There is no charge for bringing along a registered service dog. We don’t allow any other pets to travel in our vans.
  • Towing of anything by a Lost Campers vehicle is prohibited at all times.
  • All passengers must use vehicle restraint systems (seatbelts) while the vehicle is in motion. No passenger is to travel in the back of the vehicle unless factory seats and seatbelts are installed and used. Sorry guys, gals, and pals, no sitting on the bed while the vehicle is in motion. Lost Campers does not accept any liability for any injuries incurred to passengers traveling in the back of the vehicle and/or while not using seatbelts.

campervan rental for Christmas Lost Camperva rental terms

Lost Campers USA Terms & General Conditions

All camping vehicle rentals are subject to the terms and conditions of Lost Campers’ Rental Agreement and its Addendum and any supplemental Rental Agreement. Rates, policies, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice. Lost Campers USA reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Lost Campers assumes no responsibility for any detention, delay, loss, damage or injury that Renter might experience, no matter how it is caused or by whom.