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Campervan Rental Equipment & Tips

Not sure what campervan rental equipment you need for your next fun adventure?  Well Lost Campervans come with tons of cool stuff to make your van camping trip fun and functional.   But if you need some more cool stuff to expand your navigation, storage and more, here’s some great optional campervan equipment for rent.  



GPS Navigator – Garmin or TomTom Navigation units that are easy to use so you can’t Get Lost!!!  Turn it off on those days you DO want to GET LOST!  $7 a day (max $77)

GPS Unit

Heavy Duty Thule Roof Racks – Although most of our vans have roof racks, if you need to guarantee racks or for safety and endurance of heavy items, we recommend requesting our heavy duty roof racks designed to hold kayaks and any other heavy equipment.  $50 one time fee.


Heavy Duty Racks


Roof Storage Bin – We use the Yakima and Thule roof bins for additional storage on top of the vehicles. These are lockable containers. You can store most skis, snowboards and suitcases in the bin depending on their length. The bin is 6ft in length and 2ft wide.  $10 a day (max $150)  We may not be able to offer this option for one-way rentals between our locations. Please email for further details if you are travelling one way.

Bike Racks – We have roof rack mounted Yakima and Thule bike racks designed to hold two bicycles. These racks only work on the regular Sierra van.  Not available on Wanderer vans, nor the Hotel Sierra.  The bike racks are lockable to keep your bikes secure. $10 a day (max $120)  We may not be able to offer this option for one-way rentals between our locations. Please email for further details if you are travelling one way.







DC Powered Cooler – We offer a powered cooler that acts as a fridge. It saves you buying ice whilst on the road. The powered cooler has an auto shutoff when the vehicle’s battery hits a low voltage point, therefore these powered coolers are best for campervan road trips where you will be driving a few hours every day. This kind of driving will replenish your battery and keep the powered cooler doing its job.  If you plan to park the van in one area for longer than 24 hours, you may need to supplement this cooler with ice as it will shut off to protect the vans battery/batteries.  Although these coolers have excellent seals and thick walls, they will still struggle if you are spending your time in the desert. It’s hot out there. Help it out with some ice. They love the cool climates of the northern Californian coast or the mountains. $7 a day (max $84) (*There is a standard ice chest included in the rental already, the 12-volt cooler would replace this if rented.)

Power Inverter – Our power inverter plugs directly into the lighter/power socket on our vans to provide a 110/240 volt AC power supply to power accessories i.e., laptop, cell phones. Best for use when driving.  $6 a day (max$42)

Sleeping Bag – Sleeping bags for extra comfort and warmth while on the road. If you are looking for mountaineering quality, please bring your own. Ours are decent bags but not the kind you find on Everest. We often have lighter fleece blankets on hand that we can provide as a complimentary extra, if available. $25 one time fee.

Powered Heater – This provides heat for overnight camping, without running down the Van battery. This is for electric hookups at campgrounds only. Available upon request at no extra charge. Supplies are limited.

Snow Chains- We offer snow chains to rent for a flat fee of $70. These must be requested in advance prior to pick up. Renters are liable for any damages caused by the improper installation of snow chains.


Other Winter Extras for the Salt Lake City Depot ONLY 

Ski roof rack attachments – Salt Lake City branch only.  Attachments to the van’s roof racks to transport 3-4 pairs of snow skis or 2 snowboards.  These are lockable to help protect your snow gear. $10 per day. (Max. $100)

Snow tires- We offer snow tires as an option for Salt Lake City rentals between Nov 1st and March 1st, availability is limited.  To assure your campervan has snow tires is a $100 one time fee.





*** All campervan rental equipment is subject to availability – We cannot make any guarantees on the availability of extra camper van rental equipment and apologize in advance if your request cannot be met. ***