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When you rent a campervan with Lost Campers, you benefit from flexible pickup & drop off options scheduled just for you. Schedule your pickup during regular business hours Monday-Saturdays between 9 AM & 6:00 PM. 24/7 drop off times. 

Sierra and Moab Class Cheap Campervan Rental. Camping Gear Included!

The Sierra AND MOAB (WITH DUAL BATTERY) Class travel van


  • Our most popular travel van rental vehicle with a full size mattress and a pump sink with counter space in the back. It offers a convenient way to travel & explore with everything you need to be comfortable.
  • You can arrange to pick up your budget campervan rental from San Francisco and Los Angeles Lost Campers depots and return it to either depot if there is availability, at the conclusion of your holiday. Please check the camping car rental Terms for more information prior to making a booking.
  • Our Moab travel vans are the same model as the Sierra, but they come with MORE INCLUDED. We have installed a dual battery system in our Moab vans and we include a powered cooler and inverter in your daily rates. Get power to your items, for e.g. camera battery or laptop ** while the van is off. (**You can not run a heater with a dual battery.)
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Sleeps 2 People

Travel van fits 5 passengers

75 liter tank

Automatic campervan

Key Features

Sierra | Moab Class Budget Camper Van Rental:
  • 1 full size, very comfortable mattress with good headroom – it’s soooo comfortable
  • The mattress folds away allowing space for set up of an interior table with use of the rear bench for seating
  • Sink in the rear of the van with 5-gallon water storage and 5-gallon waste water tank
  • Sliding doors on both sides of the camper vehicle, great for easy access to the bed
  • Camper rental includes bedding & a convenient kitchen set up

Camping gear included with every sleeper van rental!



The Sierra & Moab travel van rental vehicles are:

  • Fantastic hire camper vans to drive and incredibly comfortable to sleep in
  • Well suited for long distance trips
  • Up to 5 people can travel – 2 people up front (incl. driver) and 3 in the rear seating (we recommend 2 adults in the rear seat or 3 children)
  • 2 child seats can be installed in the campers rear seating with ease (or 3 streamlined child or booster seats)
  • The best amount of storage space compared to other similar budget camper vehicles on the market with storage under the bed.
  • Much better fuel economy than an RV
  • No need to book expensive RV campsites, you can stay at a tent site at most campgrounds


  • Air-conditioning
  • Min of 2 x 12 volt outlets
  • Stereo w/ CD player all with MP3 plug
  • No advertising!
  • Plus we have additional camping equipment to rent to make your trip more comfortable and fun.
    Dual Battery System
  • Refrigerated cooler, a guaranteed inclusion, no need to pick up ice along the way!
  • Power inverter to charge small electronic items such as your camera battery or laptop


Age of vehicles

2011 to present.


3.4 to 3.8 liter, V6, automatic transmission.

Fuel consumption

18 city / 24 hwy mpg.


Length: 16.9 ft; Width: 6.4 ft; Height: 5.75 ft (+ 5” more with the shade awning).


5 incl. driver

Bed Size

Length: 6 ft; Width: 4 ft; Thickness: 4.5 in

Storage under bed

Deep well storage under bed. Length: 2ft; Width: 4 ft; Height: 3ft; Fits 2-3 backpacks and some smaller bags, also rear of the van there is more storage. Soft bags or backpacks still recommended as a vehicle support bar in storage box reduces space for large bags to fit inside the camper rental vehicle, however you can manage with a few suitcases by also using other areas of vehicle.


What is included when you book camper rentals near me & you with Lost Campers USA

Our budget travel van rental vehicles have absolutely no signs, advertising or crazy colors on them.


All sleeper van rental wagons come well equipped and include camping gear 

  • One very comfortable, full-size bed (most comfortable van bed on the market!)
  • Fresh fitted sheet and pillowcases, pillows and cozy duvet comforter with cover
  • Privacy curtains on all 4 sides of van and tinting on rear windows
  • Some of the largest storage areas of any campervan in the US
  • Small folding table & 2 camp chairs (extra chairs provided based on availability)
  • Great stereos, air-conditioning/heating when van engine is running
  • Large ice chest cooler
  • Full outdoor kitchen & cooking kit:  Double burner portable propane stove (*propane not included), Large ice chest cooler, A dish kit with all the basics you need to cook and eat
  • Check out our informative FAQ page for further details and instructional videos!





Things NOT included that you may want to bring along:
  • Propane for the stove. Our stoves require the small, green canisters found at most grocery stores. They normally cost a few dollars each. One canister can last 3-4 days, cooking 2 meals per day, on average.
  • Night time lighting. Be sure to bring along headlamps, flashlight or lanterns
  • The dish kit does not include a kettle, coffee press or cutting board, pot lids are also not included, aluminium foil is a nice remedy if you need to cover a pot while cooking.
  • Paper towels and a scrubbing brush
  • Bath towels
  • A lighter or matches



Further information:

Lost Campers include 24 hr. roadside assistance with all of our budget campervan rental Los Angeles and San Francisco  vehicles, so on the rare occasion that you may need help, you can get in touch with one of our roadside specialists who will provide you support.

Lost Campers is the first & original cheap camper van hire American company in the Western USA. We are NOT a giant corporate camping car hire company like our competitors. We are family owned and operated since 2007 and we were around before the other guys. We care about our customers and we pride ourselves on having amazing customer service.  This is why you find so many 5 star reviews on Yelp, Google and Facebook for us. Lost Campers was founded by backpackers & travelers, for backpackers & travelers. We want to help you GET LOST! So for the best camper rentals near me and you, contact our friendly team or book your hire campervan now.


Need camping car rental for an extended trip?

We require our renters to check and maintain the essential fluids (such as oil, brake fluid, coolant and power steering fluid) to ensure proper vehicle operation and to keep on our maintenance schedule at our nationwide fleet servicer. We can assist you with arranging service for the van during your travels to keep it running tip-top. There are places in the USA that can be extreme on vehicles. If you are considering doing a large number of miles, the Moab or Redwood Class is highly recommended.