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5 Beautiful Western Summer Camping Spots

Summer is upon us and the time to plan your next western summer camping trip has arrived! Camping is one of America’s favorite pastimes, and with such an assortment of beautiful places to visit it’s no wonder! National parks and State parks fill up months in advance for the summer months, and there’s just so many to choose from it’s often hard to decide what places to visit during summer vacation. We’ve assembled a few suggestions to kick off your summer adventure!


Western Summer Camping’s First Stop

western summer camping

Joshua Tree National Park, photo courtesy of

Start off your western summer camping trip at Joshua Tree National Park. It is home to not one, but two desert areas to explore! The Colorado desert and Mojave desert are both homes to unique ecosystems – the park even gets its name from the joshua trees that populate the Mojave desert part of the park. Desert camping can be a challenge, but those hot days give way to cool nights and clear skies. Hiking, rock climbing, backpacking and several types of guided tours are just a few things you can do at this great park. One of our Lost Campers campervans can get you there in no time, and provide some respite from the hot desert sun while you relax in between activities.



Crater Lake will take your breath away

western summer camping

Crater Lake National Park, photo courtesy of

Head up north to visit Crater Lake National Park for a drastic change in scenery. Crater Lake lies within a caldera- a volcano that collapsed in on itself when it erupted over 7,000 years ago. Crater Lake is a sight to behold- Mt. Mazama is rich with green forests and the lake itself is known for it’s beauty. There are plenty of things to do at Crater Lake, the park even has brochures that it puts out each season that can be found online. Hiking and backcountry camping are popular attractions, and the park even has the hiking trails divided up by difficulty in their brochure so there aren’t any surprises. Night sky lovers will also find that the view overhead is perfect for observing astronomical phenomena as well.



Sea or Forest? Why not both!

western summer camping

Olympic National Park, photo courtesy of

Continuing north, Olympic National Park in Washington is rich in green forests to lose yourself in. Detach from the business of everyday life in the city and get in touch with the rhythm of the forest in this beautiful park. If the forest isn’t for you, head on down to the beach and explore the tidepools! Backpacking, hiking, boating, and fishing are just some of the things you can enjoy at this National Park. A Lost Campers campervan can get you there and provide a nice warm place to wait out any summer rain that Washington might throw your way. Olympic National Park even has their own flickr, be sure to check out their amazing photos!




Idaho’s Sawtooth National Forest is Perfect Year-Round

western summer camping

Sawtooth National Forest, photo courtesy of

Head southeast down to Sawtooth National Forest for a different kind of view. Sawtooth is home to the Greater Sage Grouse (among other unique animals) which is known for its peculiar courting ritual. Hiking, bicycling, nature viewing, and scenic drives are a few things that this park offers. Known for its all-season attractions, Sawtooth is sure to provide an amazing summer vacation for you and your friends and family. This western summer camping spot is sure to provide wonderful memories for you to treasure for years to come.




Visit the Crown of the Continent

western summer camping

Glacier National Park, photo courtesy of

Continuing to the east, Montana’s Glacier National Park is a must see. Glacier sits right along the USA-Canada border, and the water from the glacier melts here lead to the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and to Hudson’s Bay. This earns the park the title “crown of the continent.” Since what happens in Glacier affects the water in a lot of places in the western US, Glacier’s water supply is monitored carefully. Hikers, fishers, photographers, and backcountry campers are bound to love what Glacier has to offer. Lost Campers can provide the perfect campervan to get you there and back while sticking to your summer budget.




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National Park Visits | Government Shutdown

 National Park Visits During The Government Shutdown

The partial government shutdown is not ideal for anyone. However, we believe that it should not hold us back from campervan adventures. We here at Lost Campers are huge supporters of the National Parks Service. We want to encourage our customers to make sure that their National Park visits are planned with safety & environmental awareness in mind.  Also, we want to point out some options for researching an alternative destination for your trip. Since many of the parks have little to no staffing, we hope that you will make an extra effort to look after these treasured lands if you choose to visit them at this time. 

Planning a trip

The National Park Service website may not be updated until normal operations resume, but we encourage you to read up on the travel alerts that are currently posted in regards to the shutdown & road conditions. Even though some parks are accessible, this could change without notice. It is a good idea to have a backup plan. Check out State Parks as an alternative to visiting a National Park. Here are some useful links for Utah and California to help you research other options.

Visit Utah 

Visit California 


Safety & Emergency Services 

If you feel that you must visit a National Park during the shutdown, remember to journey there with a high level of caution and mindfulness. Self-sufficiency is a must and you are traveling to these areas at your own risk. Staffing and resources are very limited for more than general park management services. When it comes to emergency situations there is limited aid available within the parks at this time. Many emergency services are sourced from outside of the parks so response times may take longer. People who are experiencing an emergency should call 911. Backcountry permits are not being provided right now. Please do not travel into restricted areas of the parks. This is not only for the preservation of the public lands but for your own safety. Please be smart about your visit and be diligent about planning wisely.

National Park Visits | Government Shutdown

Lost Camper Team Member Stacia M.


Camping Etiquette & Consideration


Practice the 7 Leave No Trace Principles during your trip.


We here at Lost Campers are huge advocates for respect and preservation of the public lands. Please be aware and mindful during your travels. Remember: You pack it in, you pack it out! Don’t be that a$%&^!e human who ruins nature for everyone else. Every visitor leaves a footprint and this impacts the environment and its inhabitants. Please be self-sufficient & self-aware. Make your Mother proud and clean up after yourself!

Please follow local laws and park rules. Be courteous to all park staff that you may come across. They are there out of sheer dedication right now & are not being paid for their hard work. There are some amazing people doing voluntary clean up in the parks right now. We encourage all visitors to consider dedicating a day or a few hours to help out with these efforts. Get involved, every little bit helps!


General information for some popular National Parks in California & Utah that might still be accessible to the public:





  • Yosemite is open for park entrance and there are some concessions available. Parts of the park are closed and there are road closures due to winter conditions. Visitor services such as trash removal and restroom maintenance are not available. Limited camping is still available in open and designated campgrounds. Camping or sleeping in a vehicle outside of open campgrounds is prohibited.


  • Joshua Tree is open for day use only. The Campgrounds are closed but you can arrange camping outside of the park. There are no NPS services available.


  • Death Valley is partially open. The Furnace Creek Visitor Center is open. The Oasis at Death Valley, Stovepipe Wells, & Panamint Springs are open. Recreate at your own risk. **UPDATE*** Furnace Creek & Texas Springs Campgrounds have been closed as of Jan. 4th due to health & safety concerns.


  • The Redwoods is open, however, there are no NPS visitor services available. Travel with caution as dangerous conditions may exist. There are State Park campgrounds nearby in the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park, and Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.


National Park Visits | Government Shutdown

Photo compliments of Nora M.




  • Zion is open, the visitors center is scheduled to close Jan. 5th. One loop at the Watchman Campground is currently open, this could change so be sure to do your homework. Shuttles into the park have been closed for the winter season.


  • Bryce Canyon is open and much of the park is accessible. Most services are currently available.



  • Capitol Reef is partially open. The Fruita campground will be open, restrooms will be closed except for the vault toilet. The scenic drive will be closed.


National Park Visits | Government Shutdown

Photo courtesy of Martin S.


We hope this helps with your planning & brings you some awareness. Remember that it is not the end of the world if you cannot camp in a  National Park right now. There are some amazing State Parks that offer fantastic recreation options. Many State Park options may work well for camping outside of the National Parks but are still close enough to allow you to venture into the parks for day use and some reasonable exploration.

From all of us here at Lost Campers, we wish you happy travels!


5 Great Utah Camping Hot Spots | Salt Lake City Budget Campervan Rentals with Lost Campers

5 Great Utah Camping Hot Spots

Here are some of our favorite Utah camping hot spots for you to check out! It’s no secret that Utah has some great places to camp. Whether you’re a fan of the heat of summer or the cold of winter, Utah has something for you. With our location conveniently placed just 15 minutes away from Utah’s International Airport in Salt Lake City, Lost Campers is perfectly positioned to allow you to check out the Beehive State’s most interesting places. These are a five of our favorite Utah camping hot spots that may not be as well known as the Mighty 5 National Parks.


Timpanogos Caverns - Utah camping hot spots

The Heart of the Mountain in Timpanogos Cave- a must see at one of these Utah Camping Hot Spots

Home to the Timpanogos Caverns, the Timpanogos National Forest is perfect for campers that would like to explore some of the forests that Utah has to offer. If you’re up for the 1.5 mile steep hike up to the cave, it’ll be worth your while. The cave does require that tickets are bought in advance, and the cave tour is only open from May 19th to September 3rd. While the temperatures outside can soar, the cave remains in the 40s (Fahrenheit), so you’ll want to bring along a jacket. The cave isn’t the only thing that Timpanogos National Forest has to offer though, there are other hikes and activities to do as well.





Utah camping hot spots - rainbow over Yuba Lake

A Rainbow over Yuba Lake-  Utah Camping Hot Spots

If you’re headed down south and you’ve arrived later in the day, Yuba State Park is likely going to be the best place to stop for the night. Yuba is about 2 hours away from our SLC depot, so you don’t have to worry about making a long drive. The State Park has plenty of things to do as well, including hikes, swimming and boating, and in the summertime they even have a zipline! Yuba makes for the perfect pit stop on your way down to southern Utah.




Utah camping hot spots - Antelope Island

Antelope Island –  Utah Camping Hot Spots

Located on the Great Salt Lake, Antelope Island is only a couple hours away from our SLC depot. Antelope Island is popular for short stays, but there’s plenty of fun things to do. Check out the visitor’s center for information about the local wildlife and to see gorgeous photos from local photographers. There’s also a farm on the island where you can see how the original inhabitants lived as well! Roaming about the island are of course wild antelope, and also buffalo.




Utah camping hot spots - Goblin Valley

Goblin Valley –  A staff pick for  Utah Camping Hot Spots!

Located a couple hours east of Moab, Goblin Valley State Park has some of the world’s most unique geology. This is definitely a staff pick when it comes to Utah camping hot spots! The “goblins” make the park look more like an alien planet than anything you’d see on earth – in fact, the park has been used to film scenes for sci-fi movies! Goblin Valley also has a great view of the night sky, as there’s very little light pollution. For you stargazers, Goblin Valley could be a great place to stop for a few nights.



utah camping hot spots - Natural Bridges National Monument

Milkyway over one of the bridges at Natural Bridges National Monument- Utah Camping Hot Spots

The first international dark sky park certified by the International Dark-Sky Association. Natural Bridges has plenty of activities to offer during the day, including hikes of varying difficulties. The real special part of this park comes out after dark when the sky is so clear you can see the milky way. Stay up late and bask in the universe’s glow at Natural Bridges, you won’t regret it. Natural Bridges is definitely a Utah Camping Hot Spot you’ll want to check out while you’re adventuring across the State.

All of these Utah camping hot spots await you! Hop on into one of our low-cost campervans and hit the road. Get your no-obligation free quote today! Our schedule fills up fast, and you don’t want to miss out on the best budget campervan deal the west has to offer.