Campervan Rentals in

California & Utah,

San Francisco, Los Angeles

& Salt Lake City

Family owned since 2007


Equipment For Rent


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  • Roof Storage Bin – We use the Yakima space case for additional storage on top of the vehicles. This bin is a lockable container. You can store skis, snowboards and suitcases in the bin. The bin is 6ft in length and 2ft wide.
    $10 a day (max $100)
  • Heavy Duty Yakima Rook Racks – Although we have roof racks on our vans, we recommend for safety and endurance, our heavy duty roof racks designed to hold kayaks and any other heavy equipment.
    $5 a day (max $50)
  • Bike Racks – We have rear mounted Yakima bike racks designed to hold two bicycles. The rack also folds down to allow access to the back of the van.
    $7 a day (max $98)
  • DC Powered Cooler – We offer a powered cooler that acts as a fridge. It saves you buying ice whilst on the road. The powered cooler has an auto shutoff when the vehicle’s battery hits a low voltage point.
    $5 a day (max $75)
  • Power Inverter – Our power inverter plugs directly into the lighter/power socket on our vans to provide a 110/240 volt AC power supply to power accessories i.e., laptop, cell phones.
    $5 a day (max$35)
  • GPS Navigator – Garmin or Tom Tom Navigation units that are easy to use so you can’t Get Lost!!!
    $6 a day (max $66)
  • Sleeping Bag – Very warm sleeping bags for extra comfort and warmth while on the road.
    $30 one time fee.
  • Towels – One bath and one hand towel per set.
    $5 one time fee
  • Powered Heater – This provides heat for overnight camping, without running down the Van battery. This is for electric hookups at campgrounds only. Available upon request at no extra charge.

*** All equipment is subject to availability – We cannot make any guarantees on the availability of extra equipment and apologize in advance if your request cannot be met. ***