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2017 Total Eclipse | Idaho & Oregon Viewing Spots

The 2017 Total Eclipse is something you definitely don’t want to miss! Eclipses happen with varying frequency, but total eclipses are something to set time aside for. This is the first total eclipse to hit the United States since 1979! Mark August 21st on your calendar and pick a spot to set up camp, Lost Campers can provide an affordable way to get you to where you want to be for this exciting phenomenon.

Start off at our Salt Lake City location to head up to Idaho! The Salmon-Challis National Forest is home to Mt. Borah, the peak is expected to get just over 2 minutes of total eclipse time. It is the perfect location to get a clear view of the action. Be sure to wear some eclipse glasses! It’s still harmful for your eyes to look at the sun even when the moon is blocking it. This national park is only about a 6 hour drive from our SLC location. If Salmon-Challis isn’t for you, there are still plenty of other places in Idaho to mark as your destination. Check out this map of the eclipse’s path to pick your best spot.

2017 total eclipse

Map of Idaho Total Eclipse, courtesy of

If you’d rather have a view from the coast for your 2017 Total Eclipse viewing, pick up in San Francisco and head north to Oregon. While you can catch a good spot to view in several Oregon cities, why not take this opportunity to enjoy some camping for your vacation as well? Oregon is known for its cloudy and rainy weather, but there’s projected to be a good chance of sunshine in the Deschutes Valley near Madras. Strong climbers may want to check out Mt. Jefferson as a potential spot to view from too! Its about a 10 hour drive from our San Francisco location to Madras, Oregon.

2017 total eclipse

Oregon Total Eclipse map, courtesy of

Get your reservation confirmed today, we’re booking up fast for the summer eclipse and you definitely don’t want to miss out on this near once in a lifetime experience! Our Salt Lake City depot has already completely booked out for this event!

4 Great Spring Utah Camping Spots

Spring Utah Camping is just around the corner! If you couldn’t get away for a small vacation over winter, or just prefer the more mild temperatures, we’ve got you covered. Here are 4 Great Spring Utah Camping spots for you to check out on your next adventure.


#1: Mirror Lake, a Beautiful Mountain Destination

spring utah camping

Mirror Lake, photo courtesy of

Spring Camping in Utah is the perfect time to get out and see what Utah’s great outdoors have to offer before the parks start filling up. Start off at our Salt Lake City depot, we’re perfectly located to get you close to any park you’d want to visit without having to spend forever driving. Our first camping spot is Mirror Lake. Located only an hour and a half outside of the city, this camping spot is popular all year round – and for good reason! Mirror Lake offers an assortment of things to do for campers of all ages. Fish, boat, and hike around the lake’s gorgeous waters. Mirror Lake is inside of the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, so be sure to take a gander at what else there is to do while you’re there!


#2: Capitol Reef National Park, Full of Spring Blossoms!

spring utah camping

Capitol Reef National Park, photo courtesy of

Spring Utah Camping can still be a little on the nippy side, so our next destination is down south. Capitol Reef National Park is an often forgotten stop in Utah’s Big 5- but spring is definitely the season you don’t want to skip it! Pioneers once stayed in Capitol Reef, and some of the orchards they planted in the 1800s are still there today. In spring, they bloom into life. It’s a sight you’ll definitely want to see. While you’re in the area, check out Goblin Valley! The difference in scenery is astounding, but you’ll be glad you took the time to check it out.


#3: Sand Hollow State Park, Relax by the Shore!

spring utah camping

Sand Hollow State Park, photo courtesy of

Utah’s newest State Park is also a wonderful destination for some Spring getaways. Sand Hollow State Park is quickly becoming one of Utah’s most visited State Parks, and for good reason! The reservoir set against the red sand dune environment is striking- and sure to be memorable to all visitors. Campers can enjoy an array of activities from hiking to boating, you’re sure to have a fun time at Sand Hollow! One of our Lost Campers campervans can get you there in no time. Sand Hollow is a 30 minute drive from the city of St. George.


#4: Snow Canyon State Park, Get Lost in Nature’s Wonder

spring utah camping

Snow Canyon State Park, photo courtesy of

Last, but not least on our list for great Spring Utah Camping is Snow Canyon State Park. It’s only a 4 and a half hour drive away from our Salt Lake depot! Located in Southern Utah, Snow Canyon is home to a collection of unique geology and wildlife. Several endangered or threatened species live within the park- many of them cannot be found anywhere else in the state! With almost 40 miles of hiking trails at your disposal, you’ll definitely have plenty of exploring to do. If you feel like you need a little more adventure, be sure to stop in to Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, it’s only about a 2 hour drive!

Our rates are at our lowest until March, 2017! Get your reservation squared away soon, we’re booking up fast!


Utah Spring Camping Map


5 Best Bay Area Camping Spots

5 of the Best Bay Area Camping Spots Less than 75 Miles from San Francisco

San Francisco is world famous for its bustling city and cultural revolutions, but did you know you could be sleeping under the redwoods in a quiet Bay Area camping spot just a short drive from the Lost Campers San Francisco depot? Escape the hectic city for a 3 night (or more!) getaway to one or several of the state parks less than 75 miles away.

Our well equipped low profile campervans can have you enjoying incredible vistas, strolling along ancient coastal redwoods, or enjoying the beauty of Napa Valley in just a few hours or less. These campgrounds are also the perfect starting point for your grand California or west coast adventure in a Lost Campers campervan. Peak seasons for these campgrounds is May through September, so reservations are highly recommended and can be made at or by calling 1-800-444-7275.

Be sure to make your Lost Campers campervan reservations (1-888-567-8826) 3 – 4 months in advance during peak season too from May – September, especially on weekends and holidays.

Big Basin Redwoods State Park: Best Bay Area Camping Spots #1

Big Basin Santa Cruz, Best Bay Area Camping Spots #1

Santa Cruz’s finest park and camping. Photo Courtesy Of

Camp among the ancient coastal redwoods just 65 mile south of the Lost Campers San Francisco depot at Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Established in 1902, Big Basin is California’s oldest state park, located in the heart of the Santa Cruz Mountains, and home to ancient coast redwoods up to 2,500 years old. The park also offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, lush waterfalls, and a fascinating natural and cultural history. A wide variety of environments and lots of animals and bird life makes this a wonderful park to explore. A Lost Campers camper van can get you there in comfort.





Samuel P Taylor State Park; Best Bay Area Camping Spots #2

Marin County Best Bay Area Camping Spots #2, Samuel Taylor State Park

Photo Courtesy Of

A popular destination since the 1870’s, Samuel P Taylor Park is a historic Bay Area camping spot only 34 miles north (less than 1 hour) of the Lost Campers San Francisco Depot. The Park’s 2,882 acres offer shady strolls through the stately redwoods along Lagunitas Creek as well as exhilarating hikes to the top of Barnabe Peak, one of the best viewpoints in Marin County.

You can camp among redwoods and hike easy-to-moderate trails, from grassy hills to redwood forests Samuel P. Taylor park has a lot to explore. The park is right next door to Point Reyes National Seashore where you can find even more adventure. Both parks are also mountain bike heaven with over 100 miles of trails combined. Explore it all in a well equipped Lost Campers campervan.



Mount Diablo State Park: Best Bay Area Camping Spots #3

Best Bay area camping spots | Mount Diablo State Park only 90 minutes from San Francisco

Mount Diablo State Park only 90 minutes from San Francisco. Photo Courtesy Of

Mount Diablo which rises up to 3,849 feet is famous for its remarkable views. On a clear day you can see almost 200 miles from the summit observation deck. It is said that the view is surpassed only by that of 19,000-foot Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. With binoculars, Yosemite’s Half Dome is even visible from Mt. Diablo when conditions are optimal. No other Bay Area camping spot will give you access to such incredible views.

One of the cool things about Mount Diablo camping is that RV’s are limited to 20’ because the roads climbing up are curvy. This means that you will not be sharing your campervan camping experience next to a mega RV.

You can explore rock city where you will find  Wind Caves, Elephant Rock, Sentinel Rock, Artist Point, Fossil Ridge and Native American grinding rocks. You can learn about the history of the mountain in the historic 1930’s stone visitor center. Located only 45 miles east of the Lost Campers San Francisco depot you could be exploring Mount Diablo in your Lost Campers campervan while enjoying the amazing views.


Bothe-Napa Valley State Park: Best Bay Area Camping Spots #4

Napa Valley Camping: Best Bay Area Camping Spots

Photo Courtesy Of

Located in the heart of the beautiful Napa Valley wine country and just 72 miles north of the Lost Campers San Francisco Depot, Bothe-Napa Valley State Park has a lot to offer. Over 10 miles of hiking trails go through stands of coastal redwoods as well as forests of douglas-fir, tanoak, and madrone. You can stroll through Ritchey Canyon on the Redwood Trail to view the delicate ferns and listen to the water splashing down the rocky creek bed. Or you can hike up 1,170 feet to Coyote Peak, where you’ll find lookouts over Napa Valley and Mount Saint Helena.

The Native American Garden next to the visitors center displays some of the plants important to the first people of this area. On hot summer weekends grab a swimsuit and enjoy a dip in the park’s spring fed swimming pool. There are 42 camping places and even pay showers. A Lost Campers Rental van is the perfect way to explore the beauty of Wine Country; Napa and adjacent Sonoma County to the West.


Portola Redwoods State Park: Best Bay Area Camping Spots #5

Best Bay Area Camping Spots in Portola Redwoods parks

Portola Redwoods Park, Photo Courtesy Of

At Portola Redwoods State Park, silence and tranquility rule in this amazing Bay Area camping spot. On its 2,800 acres you can explore 18 miles of trails, follow meandering creaks where moisture loving mammoth Coastal Redwoods stand tall among ferns and huckleberries, and swaying Douglas Firs intermingle with the redwoods. Waterfalls on the Fall and Pescadero creeks tumble down mossy banks over rocks and woody debris. This old growth haven is also home to the endangered Marbled Murrelet. Only 50 miles south from the Lost Campers San Francisco depot you can escape the bustle of the city and be under the redwoods relaxing in your Lost Campers campervan.                                                                                                                                                                                  
The park is open year round for hiking, picnicking, and other day uses. The campground is open April through October with a 55-site campground and a trail camp for backpackers. The visitor center is open on weekends year round and on weekdays as staffing permits.


How can I be sure to get into the best Bay Area camping spots?

Best Bay Area camping spots Campervan rentals San Francisco

California Camping Sunset Dreams. Photo courtesy of one of our many “Happy Campers”

It’s true.  From May – September, especially on weekends and holidays, these top San Francisco regional camping spots can be SOLD OUT. Because the weather in Northern California is usually mild to awesome year round, we recommend you go camping in these places October – April and /or from Sunday – Thursday night. You’ll avoid the crowds and often have these Bay area vacation spots, almost to yourself.

Also because Lost Campervans DO NOT have any advertising on the car and nobody knows you are camping, you can camp almost anywhere, not necessarily in a campground…  This gives you 100x more camping and roadtrip adventure options, even during the summer.

But if you are going on a California road trip from our San Francisco or Los Angles depot from May – September, be sure to make your Lost Campers campervan reservations (1-888-567-8826) 3 – 4 months in advance. We hate telling you that we are sold out too.