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Western Stargazing & Fall Camping

Western Stargazing: Best National Parks to Stargaze

There are a lot of things that make camping in the Fall season wonderful: forests turn from green to fiery orange and gold, temperatures slowly drop from their summer highs, and there are numerous astronomical phenomena happening! Western Stargazing in the United States is a breeze with the many National Parks that allow campers to get away from the light pollution caused by cities and get a clear look at the skies overhead – perfect for observing Fall-season meteor showers. Simply put, fall camping is one of the best ways to unwind from day-to-day life, even if it’s only for a weekend!

The First Dark Sky Park in the World is Closer than you Think!

Western Stargazing

Photo courtesy of NPS

In Utah, Natural Bridges National Monument is the first dark-sky park in the world. Aside from being able to spot meteor showers with ease, the park allows guests to have a clear view of the sky like you just can’t see in the city. In fact, 80% of us in the United States can’t see the milky way from our front doors! Take a trip on down to Natural Bridges to see the night sky like it was meant to be seen- clear and full of stars. A Lost Campers Campervan can get you there and provide a place to camp while you’re out!




Enjoy the Wonders in the Sky and on the Earth at Bryce Canyon

Fall Utah Camping and western stargazing in Bryce Canyon

Photo courtesy of

Bryce Canyon National Park, also in Utah, offers an array of night sky activities to allow guests to learn more about the world around us. Many activities are even lead by guest astronomers that can go more in depth about what visitors are seeing through the park’s telescopes. Bryce Canyon has a lot of daytime activities as well, and with temperatures dropping in fall, those daytime hikes are sure to be enjoyable for the whole family.





Festival Fun for Everyone at Great Basin National Park

Western Stargazing and fall camping in Great Basin

Photo courtesy of NPCA

Nevada’s Great Basin National Park has a 3 day astronomy themed festival in late September to celebrate the Perseid Meteor shower. The park has activities for both adults and children, making this a great time for the whole family to get away for a few days. At night, astronomer lead talks let guests gain in depth knowledge on what it is they’re seeing overhead. Great Basin’s flat terrain makes for an almost 360-degree view of the horizon, which is excellent for Western Stargazing.



Daily Campervan Rental Rates Drop for the Fall Camping & Western Stargazing

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Fall Utah Camping: State Parks


Fall Utah Camping in Utah State Parks

Fall Camping in Utah is a great time to explore one of the state’s 43 State Parks. Utah is known for its Big 5 National Parks, but if you’re looking for something a little less crowded, the State Parks are a perfect vacation destination. Fall weather makes for perfect daytime temperatures, as well as cool and relaxing evenings. Utah has a State Park that can suit your needs – whether you prefer to camp in a forest, or out under the clear night sky in a desert environment.


Goblin Valley has Something For Everyone-

Fall Utah Camping in Goblin Valley

Photo Courtesy of

Goblin Valley is host to one of the most unique geological features in the midwest. The park is only about an hour and a half’s drive away from Moab, Utah. Goblin Valley is separated into 3 valleys, all of which are host to “hoodoos” or “Goblins” as the locals call them. These rock formations take on a life of their own – there’s even a guide for distinct figures in the canyons that hikers can follow while they explore. Goblin Valley is also home to the Goblin’s Lair cave – a fun formation to explore for active hikers. You can even repel down into the cave for a small fee! Our budget Campervans are perfect for traveling through this unique area of Utah.


Kodachrome Basin is Fall Utah Camping at It’s Best!

Fall Utah Camping at Kodachrome State Park

Photo Courtesy of

Named after the 1943 movie, Kodachrome Basin State Park is home to colorful spire-like rock formations. Kodachrome Basin has 2 great camp sites for any camping need- they even have on-site showers. Hit the trails for some fun hiking among the spires and even go see Shakespeare’s Arch! Fall Utah Camping is a perfect time to reserve a Lost Campers Campervan for visiting places like Kodachrome. Our vans fit perfectly into both tent and RV spots, so you can save on more than just your rental with us!

Wasatch Mountain has Activities Year-Round:

Fall Utah Camping

Photo Courtesy of

Fall Utah Camping is both beautiful and adventurous in this must see State Park! Wasatch Mountain State Park is open year-round, with plenty of things to do from golfing to hiking – you can even go on horseback rides through the mountain trails. In winter, skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobile rides are popular activities you won’t want to miss. Campervans from Lost Campers provide a little extra shelter and warmth that a tent can’t provide, without the expense of reserving a cabin.

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Utah Fall Camping | National Forests Free Camping

Utah Fall Camping: Uinta and Wasatch-Cache National Forests

utah fall camping

Utah Aspen Trees in Fall. Photo Courtesy of NFS

Utah Fall camping is filled with gorgeous colors as the local aspen trees change from their vibrant green colors to brilliant gold and red. Hot summer temperatures drop to a more moderate climate, and the crisp mountain air makes for perfect hiking conditions.

Utah is home to 7 National Forests, all of which house various free and fee camping sites for your Utah Fall camping adventures. Lost Campers has the perfect Campervan rental at unreal prices for you to enjoy these breathtaking pockets of nature!



Uinta National Forest Fall Camping

Utah Fall camping

Timpanogos Caves National Monument. Courtesy of

Uinta National Forest is home to the beautiful Timpanogos Wilderness. A truly breathtaking sight is the Timpanogos Caves National Monument. The caves are only open until October, so be sure to visit them soon! Despite being so close to nearby cities, campers can enjoy a real separation from the busy world outside with a true ability to get back to nature while exploring the Timpanogos Wilderness. Renting a Lost Campers Campervan gives you the freedom to get away from the city, while still maintaining mobility for easy travel between campsite destinations.



Wasatch-Cache National Forest – Great for Fall Camping

Fall Utah Camping

Fall Utah Camping at Bear Lake

Want to head farther north? The Wasatch-Cache National Forest is about two hours north of Salt Lake City. This beautiful stretch of National Forest reaches all the way up to Idaho. Bear Lake is a popular camping destination that spans the border between the two states. Take a few days by the lakeside to enjoy all kinds of watersports and fresh mountain air. Our vans are perfect for Fall Utah Camping, choose from several types of vans to meet any needs you may have.


The Best Campervan Rental Prices with Utah Fall Camping

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