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USA Campervan Travelogues | Travel Videos | Travel Photos

California Travelers Photos and Travel Videos

USA Campervan Travelogues

The following is a cool collection of USA campervan travelogues from our customers and friends.  Some of the greatest places for US campervan travel we have learned about has been from videos and photos submitted to us by our amazing customers.

Check out these inspiring camping adventures through out  California.  Please also check out our other blog posts with great campervan camping tips for California, Utah,  Joshua Tree  & Death Valley and more that are great resources for planning a fantastic camper van road trip.

Epic California Coastal Adventure & Yosemite Camping

A millennial couple’s California road trip from San Francisco, along the Northern California coastline, Gold Country foothills and Yosemite camping adventure in a Lost Campers campervan. Awesome high definition images of the coast, Yosemite and nature you will love.  This video will leave you with a longing for adventure.

Special thanks to Matt & Kristin Fowler with M&K Photography for sharing their grand adventure.


Big Sur Campervan Camping Adventure with Lost Campers

Two groups of friends on a laid back California Big Sur campervan “glamping” adventure to a secret free ridge top camping spot high up in Lost Padres National Forest in 2 Lost Campers campervans. This secret road is called Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd, Big Sur, CA    This video defines the fun and simplicity of camper van life on the road.


Family Friendly Campervan Trip to the California Redwoods

These photos and camping recommendations were submitted by a mother-daughter travel team of their June 2015 camper van adventure from San Francisco to the Redwoods. Special thanks to Shana Miller & Sami Watters for these fun photos and family friendly recommendations.


USA Campervan Travelogues
Two Happy Campers

Traveling with my young daughter of 7 years old was fun and easy with a Lost Campers camper van. Sami and I had everything we needed to camp in comfort and explore the Redwoods and coast line.

We camped in State Parks along the way. I booked our campsites ahead of time to avoid any hassle with trying to find a spot. All of the State Park campgrounds were great, however my favorite was definitely MacKerricher State Park, it was really beautiful and close to the ocean.

USA Campervan Travelogues

Sand Art in the works, MacKerricher State Park


 Our California Campervan Trip Highlights

  • Pier  39 was a great afternoon excursion for some lunch and to watch the sea lions lounge about on the pier
  • We visited 2 aquariums during our adventure: The Ocean World Aquarium in Crescent City and Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco. Both were really fun. Sami’s favorite moment: “Petting the sharks at Ocean World, it was so cool!”
  • The lighthouses were really fantastic, however, for Point Reyes lighthouse, be sure to plan accordingly as the access to  stairs and lower chamber of the lighthouse is only open Friday thru Monday. Battery Point offers another beautiful light house with amazing views as well
    USA Campervan Travelogues

    Point Reyes National Seashore, California

  • Fern Canyon was a beautiful place to take a leisurely hike and the fact that Jurassic Park was filmed here made it all the more exciting for a little girl who has a huge imagination and a passion for dinosaurs! We followed up our visit to Fern Canyon with a screening of Jurassic World in Crescent City
  • Eureka- it is a very cool little city to take a stroll and do some shopping. I recommend the restaurant at  Lost Coast Brewery, the pub style food was delicious!
  • Driving the Pacific Coast Highway, the views are incredible

A few more fun photos of our California campervan trip:

USA Campervan Travelogues

Dinner Lost Campers Style

USA Campervan Travelogues

Sami’s Napping Nook





USA Campervan Travelogues

Chandelier Tree, California

USA Campervan Travelogues

Toes in the Sand


USA Campervan Travelogues

Feeling free as a bird on the Pacific Coast Highway


Check Out Shana and Sami’s Campground Itinerary Here:

 If you want to have your awesome USA campervan adventures too, check out our campervan openings in our Los Angeles, San Francisco or Salt Lake City offices here today.

*Note to recent and future Lost Campers customers- We’d love to learn about your camper van experience and adventures.  Please share your USA campervan travelogues with us and get a chance to win a Free Campervan rental. Send it via email at :

This USA Campervan Travelogues blog post was a collaborative effort by “Tourism Tim” Warren and Launi Haygood. Above all special thanks to our amazing customers for their contributions:

Matt & Kristin Fowler

Shana Miller & Sami Watters

Camping Hacks For Camper Van Travel

Camper van camping hacks that every Lost Camper should know!

Camping hacks make life easier! Here at Lost Campers we are all about practical solutions while camping and road tripping. Here are some of our favorite camper van camping hacks that work well for campervan life on the road.


1. Make your own lantern jug

camping hacks

The Lantern Jug

Tie your headlamp or flashlight to a jug of drinking water for a soft radiant light within the van. This is one of my favorite camping hacks and I have been using it for years. (Kids love it as well)

2. To get air flow and keep bugs out of the van during the hot months:

Make sure all interior lights are off within the van. Open the rear pop out windows, close all of the privacy curtains and open the side windows just slightly. This will allow some much needed air flow and bugs are more likely to stay away as long as there is not light for them to follow in. You can also purchase rolls of screening at a hardware store that you can cut to size and close into the doors if you prefer a window or two to be all the way down at night. I have had a few renters use the screen option for desert camping and were glad they did, just be sure to cut the screening big enough that you can close it in the door to secure it, as using tape or adhesives will leave damaging marks on the van and that is no fun for anyone involved.


3. Use the dish bin as an additional wash basin

Remove the dishes from the dish bin and store them safely while you fill the bin with water and use it as an additional wash basin for dishes and cleaning up.  It comes in handy for washing and rinsing bigger dishes, then all the clean dishes can be stored in it once again when your done!

camping hacks

Homemade coffee dipper- Thanks to for the pic

4. Make your own coffee dippers

With some coffee grounds, coffee filters and dental floss you can make what I like to call “coffee dippers” Put some coffee grounds in a filter, tie it up nice and tight with dental floss, then just like making a cup of tea, boil some water and steep your coffee dipper in the hot water for a few minutes to make a magical cup of Joe to start your day of adventure off right. Most people use 1-2 tbs. of grounds per cup of coffee. Yes, I know there are instant coffee bags out there, however you can make these with coffee you will actually enjoy!

5. Make the most of your cargo space

Use soft sided backpacks and duffle bags when packing for your campervan adventure. This is one of our most popular camper van camping hacks. When traveling with more than two people having bags that are pliable will allow you to fit more stuff into the cargo box of the van freeing up more space to ensure comfortable passengers at the back.


We hope that these camper van camping hacks provide you with some easy solutions to make your trip even more enjoyable!


Submitted by camper van camping hacks fan, Launi Haygood





Winter Camping Sedona, Arizona

Winter Camping Sedona

Winter camping Sedona is a great way to take a break from the grey days of winter. This gorgeous area of Arizona exceeded my expectations and reminded me of how much beauty the desert has to offer during the colder months. The landscape changes gradually on the drive from alpine mountains to red cliffs as you go along making for scenic ride from our Salt Lake City Depot. From there, the drive can be broken up to see some other amazing sights along the way such as Capitol Reef Natl. Park, Escalante, Bryce Canyon Natl. Park, Zion Natl. Park or the Grand Canyon. From LA you can stop off in Palm Springs and Joshua Tree Natl. Park. From either of these locations Sedona is around a great destination for a week of winter camping Sedona fun.

winter camping Sedona

Beautiful View of Sedona


 There is camping just north of Sedona in the Coconino National Forrest in Oak Creek Canyon at the Manzanita Campground. For us, winter camping Sedona needs to fit a budget.  Manzanita offers the basics: drinking water, vault toilets and picnic tables with a daily camp fee of only $20 it’s a great fit. This campground is tent camping only and does not allow RV’s so it is great to be in a campervan and know that you are good to go! This campground is lower in elevation and there was not snow on the ground as we had seen further up Oak Creek Canyon. We still recommend zero degree sleeping bags, thermals and anything else that will keep you warm through the chilly nights. Winter camping Sedona requires being prepared if you want to stay warm and comfortable  Check out REI’s winter camping checklist to assist with your planning:

 Manzanita campground is only 30 minutes from uptown Sedona where you can find eclectic shops and restaurants. For more info about this campground and Coconino National Forrest visit:

winter camping Sedona

Boynton Canyon Trail

Trail heads are very easy to access in Sedona and there are literally over a hundred to choose from. We hiked Boynton Canyon to the vortex and to Dead Man’s pass. We hiked with our young son so we chose an easier hike that offered beautiful views. There are four well known Vortexes in Sedona. These are places where there is said to be a high concentration of earth energy. People visit the vortexes for reflection and healing as they are said to bring peace and rejuvenation. We visited the one of the Vortexes near the airport in addition to Boynton Canyon, it was very crowded and parking was difficult to find, however, this Vortex does offer an incredible panoramic view of all of Sedona. The Boynton Canyon Vortex was a better experience for us and we were happy to combine the 1/2 mile trip to the Vortex with another hike in the same area to make a day out of the journey. To plan your hikes we recommend stopping by the Hike House or take a look at their website for great information about the trails in this area: Winter camping  Sedona is not an adventure until you take a nice hike!


Winter Camping in Sedona

Amazing Glass Art

Winter camping in Sedona

An original Dodge Campervan found at Gold King’s Mine

Be sure to check out the surrounding towns. We really enjoyed visiting Jerome and Cottonwood. Cottonwood has a charming main street with loads of great thrift and antique shops. Jerome is an old mining town perched on a mountain side where you can find some of the most amazing artwork in the southwest. Be sure to take the legendary Jerome art walk to see creative and inspiring works from the gifted locals. We discovered Gold King’s Mine and Ghost Town while walking around Jerome. Throughout the ghost town there are really fantastic old vehicles that the owner of the mine has collected. Many of them are fully restored, some not so much, but they are still cool to look at. Our son enjoyed panning for gold and breaking open geodes. We wandered around for an  hour checking out classic cars, motorcycles and old trucks- we even found an original Dodge Campervan there. Of course I had to take a photo in the spirit of the ancient lost campers that sought adventure before our time.  The people of Jerome have managed to make a living doing what they love while residing in a very charming and unique little town. You can see this in the smiles on their faces and the feeling of pride they take in their work, we definitely recommend a visit to Jerome. Be prepared to navigate narrow streets and make sure to park in designated areas, this is a very pedestrian oriented town so watch for foot traffic along the way.

winter camping Sedona

Sun bathing white tiger

Another family friendly activity that was an unexpected find, is the Out of Africa Wildlife Park. This place is not a Zoo. It was refreshing to see the animals have acres and acres of space to roam and you can venture out on an African style safari to see them in action. You can even go big and take unimog tour or zip line between towers across the park. This ended up being one of the highlights of our trip. If you are traveling with kids or love animals, this park is a must see. I have to say that I have never seen animals living in captivity that were as happy and well adjusted as these animals. The owner of the park hosted some educational live shows where he educates people about the animals, our relationships with them and the life lessons that we can all learn from our fellow creatures.  For more information visit:

Your winter camping Sedona adventure awaits you. Lost Campers can get you there!


Submitted by winter camping  Sedona, campervan fan- Launi Haygood








Super Bowl Van Rentals

Super Bowl Van Rentals are ready for game day!

Super Bowl Van Rentals

Photo credit: inthenetssportsacademy


Super Bowl 50 is happening on Feb. 5th and the buzz is all over the Bay Area! This epic event is taking place at the beautiful Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. Our Super Bowl Van rentals are ready to roll whether you are in need of an awesome campervan or if you need a regular passenger van our San Francisco crew wants to get your fan van on the road!

Did you know?

There are events and celebrations during the week leading up to the epic game day at “Super Bowl City” a fantastical fan village that will be open and free to the public from Jan. 30th- Feb. 7th. The fan village will be located near the famous Market Street in San Francisco at the Justin Herman Plaza. There will be fun for all ages to enjoy as the NFL celebrates 50 years of sportsmanship and competition. For more information and a list of events check out:

For Camping near Levi’s Stadium:

1309 Oakland Road

San Jose, CA 95112
4.9 miles
150 East Grove Street

Boulder Creek, CA 95006
21.4 miles
3401 E. Bayshore Road

Redwood City, CA 94063
13.4 miles
2399 East 14th hStreet

San Leandro, CA 94577
23.7 miles
4501 Pleasanton Avenue

Pleasanton, CA 94566
18.5 miles
917 Disc Drive

Scotts Valley, CA 95066
24.8 miles


We recommend booking reservations ahead of time as with a massive event like the Super Bowl all accommodations in the Bay Area will book out quickly!

Also to assure availability we recommend booking your Super Bowl van rentals with us as soon as possible!

P.S. Don’t forget your face paint and jersey.

Submitted by Launi Haygood -Super Bowl van rentals freak

Camping Music Festivals 2016- Spring Schedule

Camping Music Festivals 2016

YUMMY! Source:

Camping Music Festivals 2016….campervans and music go together like peas and carrots

Here is the Camping Music Festivals 2016 spring schedule for the western U.S. March through May

 Camping Music Festivals 2016 are one of the best reasons to rent a campervan. You can get your groove on to amazing live music and have a cozy place to sleep at the end of the night, save money with the option to prepare you own meals with our awesome kitchen kit and you will also have camp chairs to rest your dancing feet.  Although winter is upon us at the moment, spring is coming sooner than we think and now is a great time to plan your next Lost Campers adventure.  We book up quickly for festival weekends and so do the camp sites so plan early and get your fun on lock down!

March 2016

McDowell Mountain Music Festival- Arizona

Camping Music Festivals 2016

Digital Poster source:

When: March 11-13th

Where: Margaret T Hance Park, Phoenix

Camping available: Yes!







Tree Fort Music Festival- Idaho

Camping Music Festivals 2016

Digital Banner source:

 When: March 23-27th

Where: Downtown Boise

Camping Available: No…* There is not on site camping for this festival, however there is loads of near by options in the Boise National Forrest. I have heard great things about this festival so of course I have included it in this schedule! Check out more camping info at:





April 2016

Country Thunder- Arizona

Camping Music Festivals 2016

Digital Banner source:

When: April 7-10

Where: Florence, AZ

Camping available: Yes!



Coachella- California

Camping Music Festovals 2016

Photo Source:

When: Two Weekends April 15-17 and April 22-24

Where: Coachella Valley, CA

Camping available: Yes!




May 2016

Bottle Rock- California


Camping Music Festivals 2016

Digital Banner Source:

When: May 27-29

Where: Napa Valley, CA

Camping: CampCarneros at Skyline Wilderness Park, located just 7 miles from BottleRock, offers RV and tent camping options



Your Camping Music Festivals 2016 extravaganza awaits you and Lost Campers can get you there!

Submitted by Launi Haygood: Camping music festivals 2016 campervan fan

Utah Hot Springs in Winter

Visit Utah hot springs in winter and enjoy camping year round!

Snowflakes sway gently as they tumble down, steam rises around you from the hot mineral water that envelopes your body, relaxing your muscles and easing your stress.  The air is cold, but the water is hot and the contrast sparks your senses making you fully present in the moment. This is Utah Hot Springs in Winter.  There is nothing like it. The experience is calming, detoxifying and there is a list of health benefits that accompany soaking in hot mineral water.

With a Lost Camper Van you can make the most out of your trip with some winter camping.  Ski, snowshoe or cross country ski all day and then rejuvenate your sore muscles in a Utah hot springs. Then get a good nights rest nestled in your campervan with your zero degree sleeping bag and an electric heater to keep you toasty!

Crystal Hot Springs

Utah hot springs in winter

Crystal, Utah Hot Springs in winter- photo credit to:


Crystal Hot Springs offers one the highest mineral contents on earth. This is not your average pond in a field hot springs. They offer a main pool, olympic pool, several hot tubs, cold pool and a water slide to boot! There are changing rooms with lockers, bathrooms and showers. It is only $7 for an adult pass to soak all day, $10 if you want to rock the  slide. There is a campground on site but it closed from Oct.30-March 1  for the winter.  For more information visit:

For camping near Crystal Hot Springs we recommend  Golden Spike RV park.  This RV park is located in Brigham City, just 10-15 minutes from the hot springs and is accessible to the I-15 freeway. Amenities include electric hook ups, bathroom and shower facilities and wi-fi.  They are open year round. For more information visit:

Homestead Crater

Located in Midway, Utah the Homestead Crater is an all natural thermal pool inside of a crater that is over 10,00 years in the making. This pool is the only warm scuba diving destination in the continental US. Since Midway is not far from Park City this would be a great excursion during the Sundance Film Festival. After all, they did film scenes for the movie 127 hours with James Franco here. A movie based on a true story that will forever haunt me and ensures that I always tell somebody where I am going hiking. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should pick it up.

*See our blog post about Winter Festival camping for details on where to camp in Park City, about 20 minutes from Midway.

homestead, Utah Hot Springs

Utah Hot Springs- Homestead Crater photo credit:

Homestead Crater hours: Monday through Thursday 12 pm to 8 pm
Friday & Saturday 10 am to 8 pm
Sundays 10 am to 6 pm

Pricing: Weekdays (Monday – Thursday): $11
Weekends (Friday – Sunday): $16
Snorkeling equipment: $5

Reservations are required, please call the Activity Center to make reservations: 435-657-3840. For more information visit:


Mystic Hot Springs

Utah Hot Springs in Winter

Mystic, Utah Hot Springs in Winter Photo Credit:

Mystic Hot springs is located in Monroe Utah about 2.5 hours from Salt Lake City and is a great stop on your way to southern Utah for some winter camping at the national parks. There is a campground on site that is open year round. Mystic definitely follows it’s name as there is a hippie-earthy feel to the place.  These hot springs have been flowing for ages, the water is cooled through a channel and then it is collected among 8 soaking bath tubs and 2 concrete pools with temperatures varying from 98-110 degrees Fahrenheit.  Monroe is a beautiful area to camp in and the staff at Mystic are all very friendly and welcoming. Camp sites at Mystic cost $30 per night. For more information visit:

Here are some other Utah hot springs you may want to research:

Meadow Hot Springs

Lava Hot Springs (Idaho)

Utah hot springs await you and a Lost Camper Van can get you there.


Submitted by Launi Haygood

-Utah hot springs junkie and camper van fan



Winter Festival Camping

Winter Festival Camping – Cure Your Cabin Fever!

winter festival camping

photo credit:

There are definitely some fantastic winter festivals worth a visit.  Prepared to brave colder weather and still have loads of fun? Then we have the cure for your cabin fever! Who would think that winter festivals and camping would work so well together? Well they do when you travel in a Lost Campers campervan! Here are some great winter festival camping ideas to get you through until the snow melts.


Bluff International Balloon Festival Jan. 15-17, 2016

winter festival camping ballon festival Utah

Photo credit to the Bluff International Balloon Festival

The charming town of Bluff is located in southeastern Utah near the Valley of the Gods, Mexican hat, and Monument Valley. This festival pulls off a massive hot air balloon launch every January. For the 18th annual festival they will be launching 28 hot air balloons! There is some great winter festival camping and fun to be had in this beautiful desert area. Temperatures are mild during the day but will still dip down below freezing at night so pack your zero degree sleeping bag and extra layers to stay a warm camper!

 For more information about this Festival Visit:

For Camping:

There is a nice BLM campground at Sand Island Recreation Area. The first come, first serve campsites are open year round. Amenities include: drinking water, picnic tables, pit toilets(I call them drop and plops haha!) and fire pits. The sites are only $10 per night. Bluff also offers some RV parks if you are interested in upgraded camping. You can find more information about Sand Island Campground at:


Sundance Film Festival Jan. 21st-31st, 2016

Sundance Film Festival Park City Utah,  winter festival camping

photo credit:

The stars shine bright in Park City during the world renowned Sundance Film Festival. Visit  for the film festival and ride some epic Utah snow while you are there. Enjoy local cuisine and micro brewed beer with locals and stars alike. The nightlife during the festival is off the hook as well and you will see TV and movie stars everywhere.

You can find out more information about this Festival at:

For Camping: Park City RV resort offer great winter rates and partial hook up camp sites where you can utilize an electric heater to keep warm during the cold mountain nights of winter for around $30 per night.  Amenities include: Club house , Rest rooms, Showers, Laundry room, Fitness room , Pool table  and  Arcade. This winter festival camping idea definitely calls for packing for cold weather so please research accordingly.

For more information visit:


Snow Globe Music Festival, South Lake Tahoe December 29th-31st, 2015

Held at the Lake Tahoe Community College, the Snow Globe Music Festival is a great way to ring in the new year. So bundle up and prepare to get your groove on with a fantastic line up of DJs and bands. Don’t forget to ride the amazing slopes of Heavenly Ski Resort while you are there! This winter festival camping idea will require winter gear to stay warm while you camp, so pack accordingly.

For more information about this festival:

For Camping: Tahoe Valley RV park is open year round. It is not far from the community college. RV sites run around $75 per day. There are loads of amenities for your stay including: Club house, WiFi, Restroom/ Shower, Pets Welcome and Store.

For more information visit:

Tournament of Roses- Rose Parade and Rose Bowl, Pasadena Jan. 1, 2016

For you college football fans the Rose Bowl Game is a great way to start off a new year and you might as well check out one of the largest parades in North America while you are at it.  This is a winter festival camping idea that will not feel quite as wintery cold as the other options you’ve seen here. Southern California offers pleasant weather year round.

winter festival camping

photo credit to

The Rose Parade begins at 8am on Jan 1, 2016. The 5 1/2-mile Rose Parade route begins at the corner of Green Street and Orange Grove Boulevard in Pasadena, Califronia. The parade travels north on Orange Grove at a leisurely 2 1/2-mile per hour pace and then turns east onto Colorado Boulevard, where the majority of the parade viewing takes place. Near the end of the route, the parade turns north onto Sierra Madre Boulevard and concludes at Villa Street.

Reserved parking for automobiles, buses and recreational vehicles is available for purchase through Sharp Seating Company, (626) 795-4171; the city of Pasadena, (626) 744-6470; and Easy Parking Service, (626) 286-7576. Paid parking is also offered on a first-come, first-served basis at various lots and parking structures near the parade route. Overnight parking on Pasadena streets begins at noon the day before the parade, for that evening only. All “No Parking” areas and red curb zones remain off-limits, and vehicles in violation will be subject to impound and a fine. There is no parking allowed on the parade route itself. Illegally parked vehicles will be impounded. More information on RV parking, limos and buses can be found in the Parade Day Guide.

*view the full Rose Parade website at:

For Camping: Malibu Creek State Park is about 40 minutes from Pasadena but offers a nice campground with plenty of outdoor activities. The campground has clean facilities and offers 62 tent camp sites and 4 RV sites. With a campervan you can reserve a tent site as they are not considered to be an RV. If you end up in a part of the campground where shade is a little scarce at the campground, no worries as you have an awning on your campervan to remedy that! There are flushing toilets, solar heated showers (paid), picnic tables and fire rings at each site.

For more information and reservations:

Winter fun awaits you and Lost Campers can get you there!

Submitted by Launi Haygood -Winter festival camping idea guru






Camping Near Hollywood

camping near Hollywood

Where camping meets Glamping

Camping Near Hollywood

When it comes to things to do in Hollywood there is definitely plenty to choose from. For a Lost Camper, Hollywood makes a great one or two day trip to put your LA tourist hat on and get lost! We have some great recommendations for camping near Hollywood and fun things to do.

If you are looking convenient  camping near Hollywood, but are still seeking the movie fan experience blended with outdoor scenery than look no further than Malibu Creek State Park. Remember the show M*A*S*H or the movie Planet of the Apes? These are some of the notable films shot at Malibu Creek State Park. 

MASH signs, camping near Hollywood

M*A*S*H movie set signs

 The park is located near the Santa Monica Mountains  roughly 25 miles from Los Angeles. With traffic (in LA there is pretty much always going to be traffic) it is about an hour away from all of the popular Hollywood attractions.  The campground has clean facilities and offers 62 tent camp sites and 4 RV sites. With a campervan you can reserve a tent site as they are not considered to be an RV. If you end up in a part of the campground where shade is a little scarce at the campground, no worries as you have an awning on your campervan to remedy that! There are flushing toilets, solar heated showers (paid), picnic tables and fire rings at each site.  There is plenty of hiking, biking and rock climbing to help you reset after the crowded streets of Hollywood.

Camping near Hollywood

On the way to the Rock Pool

If you follow the streamside trail you will come across the Rock Pool, a volcanic swimming hole surrounded by some fun bouldering rocks. Another must see is the M*A*S*H site. It is a super short  and moderately steep hike  up Crags road to reach the old movie set. There is still an old military jeep there along with famous signs from the show. The views from the M*A*S*H site are gorgeous and well worth the short hike to reach it.

For campground reservations and information visit:

Whew! I can go on and on about hiking and camping near Hollywood, but here are some things to do other than that…..

The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Camping near Hollywood

Walk of Fame

It is crowded and very touristy however it is the epitome of Hollywood history. The immortalized hand prints of movie stars past and present and the brass stars decorating the ground under foot.  Find your favorite stars and honor their art with a visit to their star. Visit the Dolby theater, home of the Academy awards or stop into the Hollywood Roosevelt along the way.

The Hollywood Sign

Camping near Hollywood

The sign of all signs!

Built in 1923 the Hollywood sign was only intended to be on display for a year and a half, but it still stands 92 years later as a the most famous landmark of Hollywood to the world. The easiest way to get a closer look at the sign is the view point on Lake Hollywood Park. However, for a closer look at the sign there is a more adventurous route you can take: Starting at Franklin Ave and N Beachwood Dr. Take N Beachwood Dr up the mountain toward Beachwood village. Go left on Ledgewood Dr and continue until Deronda Dr. The street are very narrow so make sure you drive slow and take your time.  At the end of Deronda Dr you will reach a dead-end surrounded by a few homes. Park your car where it’s safe and walk through the small opening on the right to get to a perfect vantage point of the iconic sign. Looking to get even more up close and personal wit the Hollywood sign? Hike along the dirt road on Mt. Lee Drive. This will put you above the Hollywood sign giving you amazing panoramic views of the city.  *Thanks to for the detailed directions on how to get above the Hollywood sign

Runyon Canyon and Dinner at Gardner Junction

Camping near Hollywood

View from Runyon Canyon

Runyon Canyon is a 160 acre  park with on the eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains. You can reach the southern entrance of the park at the north end of Fuller Avenue in Hollywood. The park has one main loop with a variety of dirt trails to hike as well.  Celebrity sightings are common  as the canyon is very close to the Hollywood hills. 

Camping near Hollywood

Runyon Brunch Club-Exquisite!

Stop in for dinner at Gardner Junction. Chef Steve Brown will awe your taste buds with some of the most fantastic cuisine in LA. The food is all locally sourced with an ever changing menu that flows with the season. 

If you are visiting Runyon on a Sunday, sign up for the Runyon Brunch Club. Chef Brown leads a hike up Runyon Canyon starting at 8am followed by the most amazing Sunday Brunch you can imagine. Reservations are a must so get more information here:


Camping near Hollywood can be fun and memorable. Adventure awaits you and Lost Campers can get you there!


Submitted by Launi Haygood- campervan fan for camping near Hollywood


Winter Camping Zion

winter camping Zion

Winter Camping Zion- entrance with snow caps

 Winter camping Zion could be one of the most memorable trips that you will ever take and Lost Campers would love to get you there. For most people the thought of camping during winter does not even cross their mind, but this is why winter camping Zion is such an excellent idea. Less tourists gives you the opportunity to enjoy the solitude of one of the most beautiful places on earth! The mild desert winters make camping is totally doable, especially with a campervan rental that will keep you off the ground, warm and dry. Here is some great information to plan your winter camping Zion trip.


What should you bring on a winter camping Zion adventure? A waterproof coat, waterproof boots, hat, gloves and warm socks (I prefer wool blend) are necessities. We also recommend a zero temperature rated sleeping bag. Hand warmers may also come in handy. Staying warm and dry makes for happy campers


Are there campgrounds open during winter? Absolutely. Watchman campground in Zion is open year around and offers first come first serve campsites November thru March. Here is a nice winter camping hack for the campervan; This campground also offers sites with electric hookups that would allow you to plug in an electric heater with an extension cord that you can utilize at night to stay warm. We often have these complimentary heaters available at our depots to send with you, but if we are out of stock you can find them at most box stores for around $20. Watchman also offers bathrooms, drinking water, picnic tables and fire grates. Electric sites cost $18 per night.


 Due to the high traffic from April thru October you are not allowed to drive your own vehicle through Zion along the Zion-Mt. Carmel Highway (State Road 9). Zion has a fantastic shuttle that transports visitors throughout the park. The system is really great and definitely helps the environment, but it does not run November thru March. During the winter months you have an opportunity to set your own pace and drive a campervan along this scenic route. It is always a good idea to purchase snow chains for travel during the winter months as winter storms may make for snowy and icy road conditions. National park roads will require snow chains to drive there if the weather calls for it. The Zion Mt. Carmel Highway is plowed and sanded following winter storms, but Kolob Terrace road is not plowed, therefore it is closed during the winter months.

Winter Camping Zion

Beautiful winter camping Zion photo ops

Hiking Zion during winter is amazing. Many trails may not have much sun exposure during the winter months so they may have some ice or snow and possibly mud, but nothing that some waterproof boots and crampons cannot handle.   The trails are virtually empty and the peaceful beauty is euphoric to experience. There are loads of photo opportunities during this time of year with the red sandstone, blue skies and white snow caps you are sure to take some framers.  Most of the park trails are open year round, but a visit to the visitors center to enquire about trail and weather conditions is always recommended before you embark on any winter hike.

For more information: Here is one of my favorite websites all about  Zion National Park by locals who frequent there regularly.

Your winter camping Zion adventure awaits you and a Lost Campers campervan can get you there!

Submitted by Launi Haygood- winter camping Zion campervan fan!

Disneyland, Planning a trip on a budget

Disneyland is well known as the most magical place on earth. No matter how much magic you desire, a trip to Disneyland does not have to break your bank. Visiting Disneyland and sunny southern California can be done on a budget and a Lost Campers Campervan is a fantastic way to avoid breaking the bank for a much deserved family holiday!


Camping options near Disneyland:


Anaheim RV Park is a great choice for affordable camping within minutes of Disneyland. They have clean, convenient facilities and a shuttle bus that will give you a ride to and from the park for only $5 for the day. This RV Park a offers a heated Pool and hot tub, 150 landscaped sites, full RV hookups. 20, 30, and 50 AMP service, wireless internet, picnic tables and handicap accessibility. You will be traveling in a campervan, not a full sized RV, so you can save money and book a tent site (be aware that some privately owned RV parks will ask you to pitch a tent even if you are sleeping in your vehicle). Tent sites range anywhere from $48-$55 per day depending on the season, they also honor AAA discounts. For more information on Anaheim RV park visit:


Canyon RV Park is located approximately 30 minutes from Disneyland. If you are looking for a campground with more of an outdoor feel to it, this is on the mark. The campground is located on the Santa Ana River in the heart of Santa Ana Canyon and offers 63 acres beautiful wilderness area. Amenities include picnic area, open fire pits, firewood, ice and snacks, acres of wilderness & trees, dump stations, laundry facilities, playground, swimming pool, hay rides and a wilderness bike trails. They offer RV sites for $60 per day. You can find more information at:


Disneyland awaits you, and there is no better way to enjoy a budget savvy trip there than in a Lost Campers Campervan! AWESOME VANS + BUDGET RATES = HAPPY CAMPERS!


Submitted by Launi Haygood Disneyland Campervan Fan