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Festival Campervan Rental Deals | Playa Ready Campervans for Burners



We will have our Playa Rental pricing and information for Burning Man 2019 available in February 2019- Please contact us for quotes at that time.

Until then, you can research the van classes we offer below. Thanks for your patience!

Since 2007 Lost Campers allows our campervans to go to Burning M*n event by providing comfortable budget campervans rentals from all of our convenient locations to hundreds of Burners! 

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Burning Man Campervans!

** Attention Burners **

You must contact us directly to book or receive a quote for any vehicle going to the festival. **Rates are NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE for quotes or bookings!**

 Festival Campervan Rental Deals


The Playa is calling you….You can camp in the dirt and be blown around in the hot wind…

Or you can enjoy one of our many comfy Lost Camper campervans with built in full sized 6 ft. length cozy beds and come with everything you need for the best Festival experience ever!Jump splits for joy!

The 2018 Campervan Rental  packages offer these great inclusions for your 10 days or more of adventure:      

  • 10 full rental days (10 day minimum is required to book a festival rental, no exceptions)
  • 1000 free miles included, any excess mileage is only 25 cents per mile or select a mileage package for a daily fee.
    • (all festival rentals are a minimum of 10 days in length, we can customize longer rentals, but no shorter rental lengths are available for booking-  rates are averaged with standard rates for bookings over 10 days long)


Standard Amenities:

  • Fresh bedding and pillows Festival Campervan Rental Deals
  • Comfy full sized bed 
  • Cooler
  • Camp chairs
  • Small table folding table
  • Interior Laguna Table
  • Dish kit
  • Portable 2 burner stove (propane not included)
  • Privacy curtains


Festival Campervan Rental Deals

Select a Festival Package with one of these two awesome campervan options:

Sierra Class Campervan 

  • Seats 4- 5 passengers, sleeps 2 adultsFestival Campervan Rental Deals
  • Includes shade awning
  • Includes all standard amenities
  • Includes pump sink with 5 gallons of non-drinking water for washing up
  • Includes kitchen counter space for preparing meals
    • Awnings should be packed away when leaving van or in any sign of wind or dust storm
    • Roof Tents are not available for this festival.





5 Seat Wanderer Class Campervan 


  • Seats 4- 5 passengers, sleeps 2
  • Does NOT include an awning or sink with counter space- this is our most basic option
  • Include all standard amenities 


 ***The pricing above does not include applicable taxes, additional gear or insurance options. Purchasing our insurance is completely your choice. For a quote or to book you must contact our reservations team by phone or email*** 

Rental Policy and Surcharge Information for Vehicles attending this event.

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Pic Courtesy of Matthew Nelson

  • All Campervans must be returned to us free of visible dust on the inside and the outside of the van, this means that the renter needs to vacuum, wipe down and wash the van prior to return to avoid cleaning fees.
  • Awnings should be packed away when leaving van or if there is any sign of wind or dust storm
  • All Festival Rentals are subject to specific rates and a maintenance surcharge, no exceptions
  • Due to the extreme conditions on the Playa our vans require additional detailing and mechanical maintenance upon their return to make them rentable again. This means 3-4 days of preparations and labor for our awesome staff and mechanics, the applicable rates and required surcharge covers these costs.
  • 10-day minimum booking is required
  • All equipment MUST be returned to us or replacement fees will apply, so please keep track of camp chairs, dishes and any other equipment
  • We ask that you take great care when exiting the playa as this is the most common time accidents occur, please be patient and aware of those around you.
  • Rear gate mounted bike racks are prohibited from use on our vehicles as they leave dents
  • Renters are liable for any towing fees from Burning Man Festival Site

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


** Attention Burners **

You must contact us directly to book or receive a quote for a Burner Campervan Rental Deals  Package are NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE for quotes or bookings!**