5 Tips For Road Tripping With Kids

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? We have 5 tips for road tripping with kids that will make your next family van life adventure even more epic. Lost Campers likes to keep it comfortable & fun even when you are not “there” yet.


5 tips for traveling with kids

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 Bring along a plush or packable travel pillow

Something soft to cuddle with and fall asleep on is great while you are on the road. When all of the excitement of seeing new things starts to settle down, nap time rolls around and many kids crash out. We have always brought along a plush toy that can easily double as a cuddle buddy and pillow on the plane and in cars. Something big enough to support their sweet little heads, but small enough to be packed away as needed. Also, something that smells like home is comforting and heps for a more restful sleep and Oh boy! this tip has saved us from numb tingling arms on airplanes while trying to hold a sleeping toddler. 



 Travel games

There are magnetic travel games for hangman, tic tac toe and chess, among others that are a great way to kill time. They are cheap, fun, packable, and with magnets the pieces stick around longer.  Too much tech may lead to grumpy kids & adults. Screentime apps/games are great, but  taking a break from the blue light is nice too. Don’t forget about the old school road trip games like Slug Bug, I Spy, Sing-a-longs and the State License Plate Game. These games get everyone in the van engaged in the fun including the driver . If it is an option for an adult to move to the back seat with the kids for a few minutes to provide some personalized attention this is a great way to maintain some harmony on the road which helpful to the driver. Do some reading, have some laughs and just be together. Drive time can be quality time.

5 tips for traveling with kids

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Healthy snacks & hydration

Eating healthy & staying hydrated while traveling is hard work but it is worth it. Healthy choices reduce jet lag and car sickness. Fresh fruit and veggie sticks are always a go to on our road trips for car snacks. Avoid soda and juice, sticking with water and milk to reduce sugar intake and the need for potty breaks. Avoid fast food and eating meals on the drive. A meal is always a good reason to stop & stretch out and it prevents a mess in the vehicle later. One of the great things about campervan travel is you can stop off and picnic anywhere you like. Lost Campers Vans come with everything you need to picnic along the way.

5 tips for traveling with kids

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Roadside attractions

We all want to get to our destinations however, the reality is you will be making stops along the way when you are traveling with kids. Why not make your stops memoriable? Make fond childhood roadtrip memories with a few random and bizarre roadside attractions. These days there is a app for everything including finding odd ball roadside attractions like the Hole N’ The Rock or the World’s Largest Ball Of Twine. Check out the Roadside America app or the Trotter Travel Planner for your next roadtrip.


Be prepared, just in case

When traveling with or without kids circumstances out of your control may come up. Always pack your health insurance card and information in case of emergencies. Find out where the nearest hospital is to your destination. Check into out of state coverages with your medical insurance before you travel. Being prepared with a back up plan is never a waste of time. Travelers Insurance is something worth considering, especially if the trip you are planning is more than just a quick getaway. Travelers insurance policies may cover various things from cancellation fees to medical emergencies. Some insurances may cover rental vehicles.  It is always good to do your research and verify what coverages are included in the policies you purchase. 


We hope this inspires you to plan a great family campervan adventure! Book your Lost Campers Rental now and get ready to roadtrip!