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Frequently Asked Questions


Read on to answer all your questions and get a step closer to starting your Journey with Lost Campers…

Why should we rent a van from Lost Campers?

Lost Campers brings a unique concept of campervan travel to the USA. We rent vans that are easy to operate, easy to park and much easier on your gas budget. With a large, comfortable bed for 2 in each vehicle, the added cost and stress of finding accommodation is no longer a problem. Say goodbye to the multiple expense of hiring a rental car, eating out every day and hotel bills. Our vehicles are the perfect alternative, especially if the mere thought of hiring a larger, more cumbersome motor home makes you nervous. And here is food for thought – with the size of our vans, you will be leaving a smaller environmental footprint wherever you travel. So go ahead and reserve your Van today!


When should I book my Lost Camper?

We are continually growing our fleet of vans, however, we do book out pretty quickly, especially in the summer and holiday periods. Booking ahead will help to secure your Camper.


Are we allowed to wild camp or park anywhere in our Van overnight?

As long as it is safe to do so and you’ve checked that you are not breaking any parking or traffic rules. There will be signs in most areas if you are not allowed to park overnight. However, Lost Campers recommends that you stay in campgrounds for your safety.


Do I need to make reservations for campgrounds?

Yes, it is recommended. Many campgrounds, especially throughout California and the popular national parks can be fully booked, particularly on weekends and during the peak summer season. There are plenty of websites that provide information on State, National and private campgrounds. A good place to start for a directory listing is:

Which campground guides do you provide?

In each of our Vans you’ll find the National Geographic Road Atlas – RV & Camping Edition. This is a full road map of all 50 states, including detail on the major cities across the country. This Atlas also provides information on 3700 RV parks and camping destinations and profiles 22 of America’s favorite National Parks. Included is a listing of most State Parks across the country.


How do we get to your pick up and drop off location?

Our depot is in a very convenient location between the city of San Francisco and SFO Airport. Check out the contact page for our address, directions and a map. We are very close to a major access point on the highway and ten minutes from the airport. Whether you are downtown San Francisco or at the airport, Lost Campers can pick you up. Just purchase our VIP package for $40 for a one way shuttle or $70 for a two way shuttle (per rental).*Availability pending.


Is there public transport to your depot in San Francisco?

Yes and it’s very easy. The Third Street light rail runs from the centre of the city to a station outside our depot. The trip takes less than 10 minutes and is relatively cheap. From the airport, you would need to take BART (train) to the city and then jump on the Third Street rail or otherwise a taxi from the airport would be approximately $20-25.


What are your operating hours?

We are available for Van pickups and drop-offs between 8am and 6pm (PST – California time) 7 days a week. Our depot may not be staffed at all times, so please call ahead if wanting to drop in.


Do I need an International Driver’s License?

Yes. Lost Campers prefers that you have an International Driver’s License in addition to your regular license, prior to coming to the U.S. Alternatively, if you are a United States citizen, a state issued driver’s license is adequate.


How much luggage can I bring?

There is plenty of room for your bags. You have the entire space under the double/full size bed to store your gear out of sight. Please bring soft bags only, as most suitcases and some hard frame backpacks may be too large or bulky to store here.


Is bedding provided in my Lost Camper?

Yes. We provide clean sheets, pillows and a light blanket. You will need to provide your own sleeping bag if extra warmth is required. Otherwise, you can rent a sleeping bag or comforter from Lost Campers.


Do we need snow chains?

In many of the northern states during winter, you are required by law to have snow chains. Lost Campers has snow chains available if you are expecting to travel in snowy areas. Please advise us upon reserving your vehicle. When in doubt, use snow chains.


Do the campervans have stereos?

In most cases, our campervans have CD players and at the very least, all have stereo radios. Although the campervans have deep cycle batteries, playing the stereo for extended periods of time whilst the engine is off could cause a flat battery. If this occurs, it is your responsibility and at your own cost to get the vehicle started. Sorry to be a party pooper!


Can we do one way rentals?

We are offering a limited one-way service to Los Angeles. Contact for more details.


Are there any discounts available if we do multiple or group bookings?

Sure, we’ll look at your request and work something out for you.


What age do I have to be to rent from Lost Campers?

You will have to be 21 years or older to rent our Vans.


Can I provide my own insurance?

Yes, please provide us with your car insurance details at time of booking so we can ascertain whether you will be covered with us.


Traveling, relaxing and hanging out in a Lost Campers Van will make your trip around the USA something to remember!!