Exploring Big Bear in a Campervan

After experiencing the van life in Mammoth, I was itching to get back out and explore somewhere new in a Lost Camper van. Luckily Big Bear is just a stones throw from LA (If you can throw a stone 100 miles) and so we headed back up in to the mountains to see what adventures were to be had.

Back in the summer I visited Big Bear and heard about Big Bear Alpine Zoo where they rescue and rehabilitate alpine animals. To call me an animal lover would be an understatement (If I had to choose between humans or animals to live with for the rest of my life I’d choose animals every time!), so I was excited to visit and see the work they were doing. After that first visit I knew I wanted to go back again and shoot an episode there to raise awareness and hopefully get more people through their doors to help support the stellar work they’ve been doing there for the last 60 years. Please support them here.

After checking out the zoo we did some hiking, bowling, snow tubing, bobsledding and had an epic weekend.

Just want to say thanks to Lost Campers for the van.