Why plan your “spur of the moment” camping trip in advance??

Do you want to be spontaneous and book a camping vacation this weekend?? Even last minute trips need planning. The more that do campervan  vacation planning, the less frustrated and broke you will be upon your return, especially when camping! Here are some tips to save yourself time and money while still being spontaneous!

Campervan Vacation Planning During Busy Season | Bryce Canyon Magic

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At Lost Campers campervan rentals we do try to keep vans ready on site but we unfortunately cannot guarantee availability. As the busy camping months are upon us (May – September) we prepare each day for the vans that are already booked to go out. Lost Campers has booked up faster this year than previous summers, which is exciting for us, but we do suggest calling us at  1 (415) 386-2693 or Toll Free: +1 (888) LOST-VAN directly 6 – 12 weeks ahead of time for location availability before just waltzing into our offices.

But sometimes there is some limited last-minute availability and exceptions with cancellations, new vans being added to the fleet, etc.  Best plan. Call us and speak to one of out customer service reservation specialists.

Call or Email Ahead for Your Campervan Vacation Planning Success

By calling ahead you will save yourself time as the reservations member can let you know what model we have available and what time we could get you on the road. This also helps you avoid being turned away. At Lost Campers we like to produce Happy Campers, not take the wind out of your sails for this spur of the moment adventure!

For people that just turn up they run the chance of unfortunately being turned away because of lack of campervan availability. If they are lucky enough to get a van, we do like to take some time to do a once over the van making sure it’s fully outfitted and give it a wash on the outside for their adventure. After all no adventure is official until the photos are on your Social Media! Save that waiting time for packing your favorite swim suit and outfits!

Campervan vacation planning and fun in California this summer

This could be you…

Campervan Vacation Planning: Which Places to Visit in the West?

Deciding to go North or South is always a big question for spur of the moment travel. Think about your adventure and what activities you would want to do. Although campervan camping may seem like an easy trip to plan, the last thing you want is to be stuck without a campsite arranged. After a few hours of driving to reach your destination you do not want to have to drive around aimlessly at night.

Although one of the things are renters have told us many times  is that the love that there is no advertising of painting on the outside of Lost Camper campervan.  That way they can camp almost anywhere or park without broadcasting they are tourist.

Spontaneity is great! In these moments we recommend sites like ReserveAmerica.com to see what campsites would be available and their rates. Researching this aspect of your trip ahead of time will save you money that can go towards food and beverages. The site rates can make or break the enjoyment of a trip. The difference between a $15 per night park and a $30 per night park would cause less stress on your travel pocket book. Reserve America also shows which sites have first come first serve spaces offered. The first come first serve sites are usually larger parks that can accommodate more campers. This site allows you to “Find an Adventure” by typing in your City and Interest then it will populate a list for you to browse with their “availability details”.

These two details will be the foundation of your adventure and will allow for a better less chaotic trip for you and your fellow spontaneous friends!


campervan vacation planning at Devils Tower Wyoming

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Campervan Vacation Planning Tip:  How to Reserve Your Lost Campers Campervan Rental

Lost Campers campervan vacation planning and renting with us during peak summer season of May – September does take planning. Reach out to our reservation team of Launi, Cherokii or Aspen via phone @ 1 (415) 386-2693 or Toll Free: +1 (888) LOST-VAN

or Email us   [email protected] ideally 6 – 12 weeks in advance. We can talk to you about your dates and availability in our 3 locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles or Salt Lake City.

Also be sure to visit our website, other blog postings or Facebook page for more camping vacation planning ideas.

Have a great Summer

Cherokii Verduzco, Reservation Customer Service