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Fall Utah Camping: State Parks


Fall Utah Camping in Utah State Parks

Fall Camping in Utah is a great time to explore one of the state’s 43 State Parks. Utah is known for its Big 5 National Parks, but if you’re looking for something a little less crowded, the State Parks are a perfect vacation destination. Fall weather makes for perfect daytime temperatures, as well as cool and relaxing evenings. Utah has a State Park that can suit your needs – whether you prefer to camp in a forest, or out under the clear night sky in a desert environment.


Goblin Valley has Something For Everyone-

Fall Utah Camping in Goblin Valley

Photo Courtesy of

Goblin Valley is host to one of the most unique geological features in the midwest. The park is only about an hour and a half’s drive away from Moab, Utah. Goblin Valley is separated into 3 valleys, all of which are host to “hoodoos” or “Goblins” as the locals call them. These rock formations take on a life of their own – there’s even a guide for distinct figures in the canyons that hikers can follow while they explore. Goblin Valley is also home to the Goblin’s Lair cave – a fun formation to explore for active hikers. You can even repel down into the cave for a small fee! Our budget Campervans are perfect for traveling through this unique area of Utah.


Kodachrome Basin is Fall Utah Camping at It’s Best!

Fall Utah Camping at Kodachrome State Park

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Named after the 1943 movie, Kodachrome Basin State Park is home to colorful spire-like rock formations. Kodachrome Basin has 2 great camp sites for any camping need- they even have on-site showers. Hit the trails for some fun hiking among the spires and even go see Shakespeare’s Arch! Fall Utah Camping is a perfect time to reserve a Lost Campers Campervan for visiting places like Kodachrome. Our vans fit perfectly into both tent and RV spots, so you can save on more than just your rental with us!

Wasatch Mountain has Activities Year-Round:

Fall Utah Camping

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Fall Utah Camping is both beautiful and adventurous in this must see State Park! Wasatch Mountain State Park is open year-round, with plenty of things to do from golfing to hiking – you can even go on horseback rides through the mountain trails. In winter, skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobile rides are popular activities you won’t want to miss. Campervans from Lost Campers provide a little extra shelter and warmth that a tent can’t provide, without the expense of reserving a cabin.

Save Tons of Money on Fall Utah Camping


Fall Utah camping comfortDaily rates drop after September 15th, be sure to reserve your van today!




Submitted by Aspen in SLC

Fall Utah Camping Tips | How to Avoid Crowds and Save Money

Fall Utah Camping Tips

Fall Utah camping in Zion Nat'l Park

Zion Narrows, Courtesy of NPS

Fall Utah camping is a the BEST time to get away for a relaxing vacation without the large crowds that the popular summer season draws in. Utah summer temperatures drop September through November, making the days delightful for hikers that want to explore the many trails that the mountain and desert environments have to offer. And to help you save money, many campervan and RV rental companies (especially Lost Campers) have lower rental rates during Fall.  Here’s some great Fall Utah camping recommendations.

Utah is famous for 5 great National Parks (affectionately called the Mighty 5) and over 40 State parks. Of course Utah makes for a wonderful get away any time of year, but the fall season just can’t be beat. In the mountains, the Quaking Aspens turn from their gorgeous green to bright orange and yellow. It’s a sight one can only truly appreciate in person. Down south, the hot desert temperatures become more bearable for those daytime treks to see the many canyons, caves, and natural geological phenomena that Utah has to offer.

 Cool “Mighty 5” Utah Camping Video

Fall Meteor Showers Best Seen while Camping in Utah

Every year the Draconids Meteor Shower peak at about October 7th and 8th, and many of Utah’s National Parks have spectacular clear night skies that provide a glimpse at outer space that you just can’t find in more populous areas. Unlike many other meteor showers, the best time to view the Draconids is just after sunset, before nightfall. All you have to do is lie down, get comfy, and watch the sky overhead.


  Dinosaur & Arches National Park Camping Deals

Fall Utah camping in Arches National Park

Todd and Quinn off to Arches National Park in Sean the van

Those on the way down to Dinosaur Park may want to take a pit stop in Vernal, Utah, to see the Utah Field House of Natural History and its many exhibits on prehistoric life.

Fall Utah camping is also a great time to save on our Awesome Campervans rentals, as daily rates drop from our busy summer period. This makes our already affordable vans even more affordable for your adventures.



Arches National Monument Fall Utah Camping Tips

Arches Nat’l, courtesy of NPS


How to Get the Best Campervan Rental Deals?

Check out our campervan rental availability availability here for awesome Utah Fall camping at unreal prices, great weather and fewer people.  






Submitted by Aspen Read, Salt Lake City Depot

Camping Hacks For Camper Van Travel

Camper van camping hacks that every Lost Camper should know!

Camping hacks make life easier! Here at Lost Campers we are all about practical solutions while camping and road tripping. Here are some of our favorite camper van camping hacks that work well for campervan life on the road.


1. Make your own lantern jug

camping hacks

The Lantern Jug

Tie your headlamp or flashlight to a jug of drinking water for a soft radiant light within the van. This is one of my favorite camping hacks and I have been using it for years. (Kids love it as well)

2. To get air flow and keep bugs out of the van during the hot months:

Make sure all interior lights are off within the van. Open the rear pop out windows, close all of the privacy curtains and open the side windows just slightly. This will allow some much needed air flow and bugs are more likely to stay away as long as there is not light for them to follow in. You can also purchase rolls of screening at a hardware store that you can cut to size and close into the doors if you prefer a window or two to be all the way down at night. I have had a few renters use the screen option for desert camping and were glad they did, just be sure to cut the screening big enough that you can close it in the door to secure it, as using tape or adhesives will leave damaging marks on the van and that is no fun for anyone involved.


3. Use the dish bin as an additional wash basin

Remove the dishes from the dish bin and store them safely while you fill the bin with water and use it as an additional wash basin for dishes and cleaning up.  It comes in handy for washing and rinsing bigger dishes, then all the clean dishes can be stored in it once again when your done!

camping hacks

Homemade coffee dipper- Thanks to for the pic

4. Make your own coffee dippers

With some coffee grounds, coffee filters and dental floss you can make what I like to call “coffee dippers” Put some coffee grounds in a filter, tie it up nice and tight with dental floss, then just like making a cup of tea, boil some water and steep your coffee dipper in the hot water for a few minutes to make a magical cup of Joe to start your day of adventure off right. Most people use 1-2 tbs. of grounds per cup of coffee. Yes, I know there are instant coffee bags out there, however you can make these with coffee you will actually enjoy!

5. Make the most of your cargo space

Use soft sided backpacks and duffle bags when packing for your campervan adventure. This is one of our most popular camper van camping hacks. When traveling with more than two people having bags that are pliable will allow you to fit more stuff into the cargo box of the van freeing up more space to ensure comfortable passengers at the back.


We hope that these camper van camping hacks provide you with some easy solutions to make your trip even more enjoyable!


Submitted by camper van camping hacks fan, Launi Haygood