3 Southern Californian National Forests for You to Enjoy!

This summer head on over to California for some unique camping experiences! California has an amazingly diverse selection of environments for you to choose from during your stay. Whether you want to have an ocean view or be surrounded by forest – or even head out to the desert, California has what you are looking for. We’ve selected a few great National Forests for you to visit during your summer California camping getaway.

Summer California Camping #1:

Los Padres is Your Stop for Amazing Views

summer california camping

Los Padres National Forest, photo courtesy of redwoodhikes.com

Located about four and a half hours north of Los Angeles is the Los Padres National Forest. Los Padres encompasses a large portion of the California coast, and is home to an amazing variety of plant and animal life. Los Padres can offer you a unique experience whether you’d prefer to be near the beach, or up in the lush forest. Los Padres even has desert areas in it! Spend your time hiking the numerous trails, or check out the variety of watersports or climbing activities the park has to offer!




Summer California Camping #2:

Stay Close to Los Angeles at Angeles National Forest

summer california camping

Angeles National Forest, photo courtesy of fs.usda.gov

Just outside of Los Angeles itself is the beautiful Angeles National Forest. You don’t have to go far for the city to give way to natural forests that have been preserved for local wildlife to thrive in and humans to pay visits to. Angeles National Forest is full of things to do and sights to see. Aside from the many hiking trails, visitors can enjoy swimming and even fishing. Summer California camping is sure to be full of surprises at Angeles National Forest. With a great forest located just outside the city, there’s no telling what kind of adventures you’ll have.



Summer California Camping #3:

Sequoia National Forest is a Sight to See

summer california camping

Sequoia National Forest, photo courtesy of nps.gov

Last but certainly not least is Sequoia National Forest. As its name indicates, Sequoia is home to the world’s largest trees. They are a sight you do not want to miss! With plenty of hiking trails, you’ll be sure to get your fill of the forest’s breathtaking environment. Stay cool during your summer California camping trip under these beautiful trees. A Lost Camper’s campervan can get you there in no time. Sequoia (and King’s Canyon) have plenty of scenic driving routes to take- no need to worry about packing up your entire campsite! A campervan from Lost Campers has all of your gear in one easy to move place. Sequoia National Forest is only about a three and a half hour drive from our Los Angeles depot.

summer california camping

Headed up the coast from our Los Angeles depot for an epic road trip in “Christie” the campervan


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