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Camping Near Hollywood

When it comes to things to do in Hollywood there is definitely plenty to choose from. For a Lost Camper, Hollywood makes a great one or two day trip to put your LA tourist hat on and get lost! We have some great recommendations for camping near Hollywood and fun things to do.

If you are looking convenient  camping near Hollywood, but are still seeking the movie fan experience blended with outdoor scenery than look no further than Malibu Creek State Park. Remember the show M*A*S*H or the movie Planet of the Apes? These are some of the notable films shot at Malibu Creek State Park. 

MASH signs, camping near Hollywood

M*A*S*H movie set signs

 The park is located near the Santa Monica Mountains  roughly 25 miles from Los Angeles. With traffic (in LA there is pretty much always going to be traffic) it is about an hour away from all of the popular Hollywood attractions.  The campground has clean facilities and offers 62 tent camp sites and 4 RV sites. With a campervan you can reserve a tent site as they are not considered to be an RV. If you end up in a part of the campground where shade is a little scarce at the campground, no worries as you have an awning on your campervan to remedy that! There are flushing toilets, solar heated showers (paid), picnic tables and fire rings at each site.  There is plenty of hiking, biking and rock climbing to help you reset after the crowded streets of Hollywood.

Camping near Hollywood

On the way to the Rock Pool

If you follow the streamside trail you will come across the Rock Pool, a volcanic swimming hole surrounded by some fun bouldering rocks. Another must see is the M*A*S*H site. It is a super short  and moderately steep hike  up Crags road to reach the old movie set. There is still an old military jeep there along with famous signs from the show. The views from the M*A*S*H site are gorgeous and well worth the short hike to reach it.

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Whew! I can go on and on about hiking and camping near Hollywood, but here are some things to do other than that…..

The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Camping near Hollywood

Walk of Fame

It is crowded and very touristy however it is the epitome of Hollywood history. The immortalized hand prints of movie stars past and present and the brass stars decorating the ground under foot.  Find your favorite stars and honor their art with a visit to their star. Visit the Dolby theater, home of the Academy awards or stop into the Hollywood Roosevelt along the way.

The Hollywood Sign

Camping near Hollywood

The sign of all signs!

Built in 1923 the Hollywood sign was only intended to be on display for a year and a half, but it still stands 92 years later as a the most famous landmark of Hollywood to the world. The easiest way to get a closer look at the sign is the view point on Lake Hollywood Park. However, for a closer look at the sign there is a more adventurous route you can take: Starting at Franklin Ave and N Beachwood Dr. Take N Beachwood Dr up the mountain toward Beachwood village. Go left on Ledgewood Dr and continue until Deronda Dr. The street are very narrow so make sure you drive slow and take your time.  At the end of Deronda Dr you will reach a dead-end surrounded by a few homes. Park your car where it’s safe and walk through the small opening on the right to get to a perfect vantage point of the iconic sign. Looking to get even more up close and personal wit the Hollywood sign? Hike along the dirt road on Mt. Lee Drive. This will put you above the Hollywood sign giving you amazing panoramic views of the city.  *Thanks to timeout.com for the detailed directions on how to get above the Hollywood sign

Runyon Canyon and Dinner at Gardner Junction

Camping near Hollywood

View from Runyon Canyon

Runyon Canyon is a 160 acre  park with on the eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains. You can reach the southern entrance of the park at the north end of Fuller Avenue in Hollywood. The park has one main loop with a variety of dirt trails to hike as well.  Celebrity sightings are common  as the canyon is very close to the Hollywood hills. 

Camping near Hollywood

Runyon Brunch Club-Exquisite!

Stop in for dinner at Gardner Junction. Chef Steve Brown will awe your taste buds with some of the most fantastic cuisine in LA. The food is all locally sourced with an ever changing menu that flows with the season. 

If you are visiting Runyon on a Sunday, sign up for the Runyon Brunch Club. Chef Brown leads a hike up Runyon Canyon starting at 8am followed by the most amazing Sunday Brunch you can imagine. Reservations are a must so get more information here: https://www.gardnerjunction.com/runyon-brunch-club


Camping near Hollywood can be fun and memorable. Adventure awaits you and Lost Campers can get you there!


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