LC-renters-get-T-shirts-300x225 The best thing about my job is speaking with someone who has rented a Lost Camper’s Campervan before and are now returning for another adventure with us. We started the Salt Lake City office one year ago in May and I have had many return renters come through SLC after renting from our other locations. It is fantastic hearing peoples’ stories and the memories made on their last trip. Everyone remembers the name of the van they traveled in and the amazing times they had. We really do have the best customers. The San Francisco office has an awesome customer, Celia, she has rented with us on 4 different occasions and so Emma hooked her up with official LC staff T-shirts! Just before the Salt Lake office celebrated it’s first year anniversary, we had our first return renters that rented from Salt Lake right after we opened in 2014, returning again less than a year later they came back ready for more fun. It was so wonderful to see the smiling and familiar faces of the Gove’s. They also happily announced that there is a baby Gove on the way! How cool is that?! Yes, that’s right-super cool! We look forward to meeting baby Gove in the future and we were honored to get them on the road for their pre-parenthood adventure. Gove family pic for blog As a company we truly value our customers and want to keep them coming back for more. In 2016 we will be rolling out an alumni program that will further show our love and appreciation for our happy campers. No matter where you rent from, San Francisco, Los Angeles or Salt Lake City, we want to see you for many adventures, get you on the road to making unforgettable memories and help you get lost in the fun of it all! Submitted by Van Fan Launi Haygood out the SLC Depot