All of the Lost Campers’ crew is a valued member, even the furry ones. We are a family owned and dog friendly office.
Meet Norman, he is part of the team. He belongs to our General Manager Sebastian who accompanies him everywhere. There are rumors that he is Sebastian’s body guard and that Norman is a master of Shitzu Cockapoo Kung Fu, but nobody really knows for sure and we are all too nervous to ask. I am pretty sure that Norman is the boss in that relationship, and then Sebastian just bosses all of us, possibly with orders directly from Norman, this is all ridiculous of course….or is it?
Norman plays an important roll in observing customers and carefully selecting whom he deems worthy of petting him. His cuteness keeps everyone amused, but don’t be deceived, he has the heart of a Lion- There is even a Van named after him because he is so legend. You will usually find Norman at our San Francisco office, however he does make appearances in Los Angeles and Salt Lake as well. He is the closest creature to a real Ewok that you will ever meet!
Submitted by Launi Haygood