Wow! What a busy summer it has been for campervan holidays across USA courtesy of Lost Campers!

We are very excited to see such amazing growth in this company that has such humble beginnings. We love all of our fantastic customers and want to make sure everyone has all the information they need to enjoy a great adventure! I thought it would be a good time to post about some of the frequently asked questions we receive from customers to help out any newcomers to the camper rental car scene.

Q: “When you say 100 free miles per day does that mean we can only drive 100 miles per day?”
A: No, mileage is set up for you to use as you wish over the course of your campervan holiday in the USA, however, we do not recommend exceeding 300 miles in a day as that is quite a bit of driving and tired drivers on the road are dangerous to themselves and others.

Q: “Will my own auto/travelers/credit card insurance cover my rental or do I have to buy your insurance?”
A: Some personal insurance policies will cover rentals, it is up to you to check out what your policy covers, purchasing insurance through us is completely your choice, however, we do have the right to refuse to rent if there is no coverage at all.

Q: “What condition do we have to return the travel van rental car in after our camper holiday is done?”
A: When returning a travel van we ask that you bring the gas tank back full, remove all food and garbage, bring the dishes back clean, empty the waste water. Treat it respectfully throughout your journey and will not have much to clean up upon return. We love our hire campervans and we want all of our renters to love them too so please treat them with loving care!

Q: ” When we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, there was no toll booth or place to pull over and pay the toll, what do we do?”
A: There are no longer toll booths for many of the toll bridges and roads in California. You will need to get access to the internet and go to www.goldengate.org, click on “onetime payment” this will tell you the steps to take to pay online using the www.bayareafastrak.org website with a credit card or by calling toll free 877-BAY-TOLL. You have 48 hours to pay your toll after crossing the bridge. If your toll goes unpaid, you will be ticketed, and if we receive an unpaid ticket we charge a $45 administration fee on top of the amount of the ticket to handle it for you.

Q: “Do we have to camp at an RV site with your camper vans?”
A: Our vans are not considered to be RV’s and they do not require RV hook ups. We have had many renters save themselves money by renting a tent site. To find yourself a campground, check out www.reserveamerica.com or check out the national forest service website: www.fs.fed.us

Q: “How much luggage can we fit into a camper rental car?”
A: All of the travel vans offer cargo space that is easier to utilize with soft sided bags like duffels or backpacks. Hard sided suit cases are not as easy to “Tetris” around in the campervan. We do offer roof bins for rent, but they have limited availability and cannot be mounted to the Hotel Sierra Travel Vans as the roof tent occupies the entire roof. When packing just keep in mind that we already include the kitchen sink so you will not need to pack yours.

We hope this post helps with your planning! We look forward to getting you on the road!
Cheers, The Lost Campers Crew