Ready to travel in a Lost Campers campervan!  But cannot make it to the office in time. We are now offering After Hours pick up service. You’ll still get our great Lost Campers service Monday to Saturday 9am to 5 pm and Sundays 9am to 1pm. However, if you’re wanting to begin your adventure out on America’s epic highways earlier or later, we are turning your dreams into reality with our 24/7 offer.


SO HOW TO Reserve?


Step 1) Pick your travel date and out of office pick-up time for your upcoming rental!  We can let you know avaibility and times avaible.  First come first served basis.  This service is popular and we only have a few rentals avible for this option at any given time.  We need at least 72 hours notice to verify your license.  
Step 2) Give us a call on +1 4153862693 during our branch hours to make your booking.
Step 3) We will need some documents from you like passports, drivers license, international drivers license if you have one.  And proof of insurance if you have it.  We will need to work out full payment prior and secure your security deposit on day of rental.  . Normally we’d give you a tour of the vehicle on pick up but as we’re not going to be the there we will 
Step 4)  Normally we’d give you a tour of the vehicle on pick up but as we’re not going to be the there we will have you watch a video and sign off on day of rental
Step 5) Close to your travel date, we’ll send you an email on how to access your vehicle when you get to our branch. This will include info on where your keys will be stored and any individual codes needed to get at them! You’ll find a vehicle check sheet to complete on your driver’s seat, do a quick check of the vehicle, sign the final paperwork and pop it into our letterbox. You might like to take photos or videos of the van as we’re not there to do the van inspection with you.
Step 6) Hit the road! Familiarize yourself with the van and get out there and explore. The world is your oyster!
Step 7) Upon return.  Simply turn up, empty your car of your belongings, lock the van, do a final check (redo photos if you did them on check in) and put the keys through the After Hours drop box. When one of our staff returns the vans we will check it in and make sue everything is perfect and then release your security deposit.  And email you your final receipt.  

Awesome!.  That was easy.