Names can have much meaning and here at Lost Campers they definitely do.
All of our Campervans have names. Our renters love that they have names, it gives each van instant personality. Even more interesting though; these names have been inspired by people that Nick and Emma have known throughout the years. Some of them are fun nicknames, like “Looney”, there are also the usual names like “Tom”. For me, this not only gives the Vans personality, but it also reflects the connections between many wonderful people over the course of many years . Each name has a real person behind it- how cool is that?!. It shows how much heart and soul has gone into making Lost Campers the company it is today. Now that I’m all misty eyed about how much I love Lost Campers…I’ll move on.
No, there is not really a Van named Sue, (I could be wrong though, the fleet is growing). The title of this entry is inspired by Johnny Cash, “Boy Named Sue” If you don’t know who Johnny Cash is, well, blame your parents and download some Cash to your I-pod pronto. For me, Johnny Cash and camping go hand in hand. It is a tradition to listen to some good old country while warming my bones next to the campfire.
In my family, camping is like the holidays. We have traditions that we do every time: Waking up early to watch a sunrise, experimental s’more making with different kinds of candy, star gazing with the telescope, and of course- day drinking cold beers with the “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” rule. Maybe it’s the impending holidays that has me thinking about traditions. What are your camping traditions? We’d love to hear about them! Give us some comments!
Submitted by Launi Haygood, Lost Campers-Salt Lake City
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