Lost Campers Contactless Rental Information

Thanks for booking your adventure van with us. Our team are working tirelessly to ensure that our customers continue to receive the high-level of Lost Campers customer care that we are famous for even though we may not meet with you for pick up and drop off. Since Covid-19, our pick ups and drop offs are done in a contactless method and our paperwork is done via email. Our aim is to keep everything seamless during the rental process.

We have emailed you an online check-in reminder that will guide you through the documents we need you to upload. Please upload this information no later than a week prior to your pick up. Note that we cannot accept identification with watermarks added or redaction lines through information. Please make sure your photos are clear (even when we blow them up to view your information) and that no corners are cut off your documents. If you’re using a flash, please ensure the flash isn’t covering up your information. We may ask you to resend photos if we are unable to read the information on them properly. 

The only document we need you to email directly to our Reservations Manager is a photo of the credit or debit card you want us to use for the rental balance and security deposit. When you email the photo, please make sure only the last 4 card numbers are visible as well as your name. Everything else can be covered up. Sending an encrypted email is okay! Email to [email protected].  We will delete the photo as soon as we have verified the information on the card matches the card information in the secured payment vault attached to your rental. If you would like to use a different card, please let us know and we’ll email you the link. If you are uncomfortable sending us the photo of your credit card, let us know. One of our team can do a video chat with you instead.

Please note the pick up and drop off times that are in your booking confirmation as these are the times you are paying to pick up and drop off.

How It Works

We will charge the balance of your rental and hold the security deposit most likely the afternoon prior to your pick up, but we might do it 1-3 days prior to your pick up date. This may happen a little earlier if your pick up is following a holiday weekend. Please check our TERMS for information on payments, security deposits, and drivers licenses, etc. We will be using the card you used to book the van unless you tell us you wish to use a different card.  If you need to enter a new form of payment, shoot us an email and we can email you a link to your secure vault. We cannot move charges to a different card after payment.

Your rental documents will be emailed to both drivers separately. We will email these in a DocuSign packet, 1-3 days prior to your pick up date. Both driver’s need to sign and submit the documents. If signing on a phone, try turning your phone horizontally so see the areas you need to click on. The completed documents will be emailed to you after signing. This is where you can find your rental and van information. Please don’t respond to the DocuSign email, this doesn’t go to an inbox we answer.

We will email your pick up instructions about an hour prior to your pick up time on the day of your rental and you can find interim pick up instructions below (click on blue box at the bottom of this page to download interim Pick up Instructions).

Please let us know if you need to make any changes to your booking BEFORE we send your rental contract, for example adding or removing INSURANCE or ADDITIONAL RENTAL ITEMS). If you ask us to make a change to your rental documents once we have drawn them up and sent them to you, we charge a $10 change fee for the new DocuSign packet.

*On the day of pickup you may be required to provide additional verification to match your identity to your rental agreement. All drivers listed on the rental agreement will be expected to be available to show their driver’s license. If either driver is not present for pick up or if either driver cannot produce a driver’s license if asked on site the missing driver or renter with missing driver’s license will be removed from the rental agreement as a legal driver which will incur a $10 change fee and the present driver will need to re-sign rental documents on site.

Check out and download the videos (below) before you arrive for your pick up. You may not have access to wifi when you arrive at our depot so it’s important for you to have access to these. It is important that you watch the pick up instruction video because we won’t be there to greet you in person. Please pay special attention to the drop off instructions and download them so you you have them when you are dropping off.
Additional Information
Check out our cancellation policy on our terms page.
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At the end of your trip, check out the drop off instructions (click on the blue box below to download) and helpful tips on how to return your van to avoid additional charges. Drop off instructions will also be found in your binder that we leave in the van for you. Once the van is returned, in the same condition we gave it to you in, we will release the security deposit and send you a closing receipt – usually within 48-72 business hours. Please note that staff may not be present when you return – even if you are returning during our office hours.

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The documents below are a reference for information and instructions. Pay special attention to your pick up and drop off instructions below. Further information will be sent about an hour prior to your pick up time, but you will need the Pick Up Instructions document below. (Make sure your computer allows pop ups from Lost Campers as each document will open as a PDF.) Let us know if you have trouble opening anything.

PDFs You Can Download

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