Lost Campers After-hours Pick Up Information

We are excited to offer after-hours pick ups for our renters who are unable to arrive during our office hours. Check out our information below and let us know if you have further questions. Please note that Lost Campers after-hours picks are subject to additional terms than those we have for pick ups done with staff present and during office hours.

**On this page, Supplemental Liability Insurance is SLI, the Collision Damage Waiver is CDW, Personal Affects Insurance is PAI, San Francisco is SF, Los Angeles is LA and Salt Lake City is SLC.

Find out if the Lost Campers after-hours pick up is right for you. 

• Do you have access to a color printer and scanner?

• Are you able to get all requested documents and information to us within 5 days after your booking request?

• Do you agree to the $75 fee for an after-hours pick up?

• Do you have your own insurance that covers both Collision (our van) and Liability/Third Party (damage done to       another person, their property and their vehicle)?

• If you don’t have your own insurance, do you agree to take ours so that you have full insurance during your trip?

• Are you able to pay the full balance of your rental in the 5 days following your booking request?

• Are you able to get to our depot from Mon-Sat 6am-9am or 5pm-9pm, or on Sun from 6am-9pm PST. (We are         unable to offer after-hours pick ups outside of these hours.)

• Can you have a $1000 security deposit held on a major credit or debit card with the primary driver’s name on it?     (Amex, Mastercard, Visa or Discover only.)

• Do you agree to our general rental terms?

• Is your pick up date at least 7 days from today?

If you answered, “yes,” to all of these questions, an after-hours pick up is a great fit for you.
If you answered, “no,” to any of these questions, we’d be happy to get you on the road for an in-office pick up during business hours.

After reading through the above information, submit your after-hours pick up booking request through our website. If you have already submitted a booking request, we may have already emailed you.
If we have a van available for your requested dates, we’ll charge you the 25% non-refundable booking deposit and email you. (This does not confirm your booking.)
If we do not have a van available for your request, we will email you with alternatives before taking any payments.
NOTE: once we have emailed your booking confirmation to you, you have 5 days to get the requested documentation back to us. If you are not able to do this we can move your pick up to during office hours and remove the after-hours pick up fee.

Scan and email the following to us. Please note we cannot accept photos. Everything must be scanned:
Drivers license
Scanned, color photocopy of the front and back. One for each driver. Max 2 drivers per contract.
Scanned, color photocopy of the front cover and the photo page inside. For any driver whose driver’s license was not issued in the USA. One for each driver.
International Driving Permit (IDP) or Certified Translation of driver’s license
For any driver’s license not written in English. Please send our Reservation’s Team a photo of the front and back of your license and they’ll tell you if we can accept it without a translation. [email protected]
If sending IDP, we need a scanned copy of the outside cover and inside page with photo and applicable stamps. We need to see the date of issue and the date of expiration.
Proof of insurance
If you are using your own insurance that covers both Collision (our van) and Liability/Third Party (damage done to another person, their property and their vehicle) you need to send us a copy of your insurance policy showing that you are covered during the rental. Please highlight the section in your insurance that shows this proof, and tell us what page to look at, especially if your insurance is in another language.
If you have proof of either Collision or Liability insurance, but not proof of the other, you will need to purchase the other insurance from us.
We will accept an auto policy, traveller’s insurance and credit card insurance for either or both.
If you are purchasing our CDW or SLI, this is considered proof of either. If you are purchasing both our CDW & SLI, this is considered proof of full insurance.

Download > Print > Fill out > Sign or Initial > Scan > Email
Click on the items in red (below ) to download the required documents. 
Please see the information below the links in red for a description and instructions for each document.
Please note we cannot accept photos of these items. Everything must be scanned and emailed back.

Click on each of these to download PDF versions of the required documents.
Fill out each form correctly & entirely.
Scan & email forms back to us within 5 days of your booking request.

Information regarding these documents:

1. Terms & Conditions for Lost Campers After-hours Pick Ups
By signing this you are agreeing to be diligent in providing all necessary documents and information to confirm a pick up outside of our regular business hours. Failure to comply with the return of these documents will result in the decline of your after-hours pick up and your pick up time will be moved to the next available time & business day during our regular office hours.

2. Lost Campers Terms Addendum
This is the standard terms and conditions for all Lost Campers rentals.

3. Driver Info Form
One form required for each driver. Max. of 2 drivers allowed per contract.
Each driver must provide their information and driver history on a separate form.

4. Canada & Death Valley Affidavit
This outlines the Lost Campers policy regarding travel to these areas. They must be submitted even if you do not plan on travelling to either. If travelling into Canada, you will need us to order a Canadian Insurance Card for you. Please let us know. If you are planning to travel into Death Valley National Park, please let us know as we have separate terms we need to inform you of.

5. ARRC Terms
These are the terms and laws regarding rentals issued by the governing state.
a. for renters picking up in SF or LA
b. for renters picking up in SLC. (No line is provided for you to initial on. Initials still required.)
*Be sure to select the correct option for the state you are picking up your rental in.

6. Burning Man Affidavit
Only applicable if you are travelling in our van any time from August 20-September 5th. If you are not travelling during these dates, skip this document.

7. SLI Brochure
a. for renters picking up in SF or LA and taking our SLI.
b. for renters picking up in SLC and taking our SLI.
If you are purchasing our SLI, you must download a copy of this brochure for your rental.
*Be sure to select the correct option for the state you are picking up your rental in.

8. PAI Brochure
For all renters electing to take PAI insurance. If you are purchasing our PAI, you must download a copy of this brochure for your rental.

We verify that all documents are filled out correctly and signed in the correct places.
We charge your card for the balance of the rental. (Want us to use a different card? Let us know when submitting your paperwork.)
You will not be charged for any additional rental items requested. We cannot guarantee the items in stock. You’ll be charged in the 48 hours prior to your pick up if we have the item available for you. The items will appear on your final contract if we have them.
You receive an email containing a link to access your rental contract. The email will also contain instructions on where to sign and initial.
Please print, sign, scan and email the 2nd page of the contract back to us in the 5 days following your booking. Please note we cannot accept photos. The document must be scanned and emailed to us.
We check that the contract has been signed/initialled in the correct places and if all the information in the contract was correct (when checked by you).
You receive your official booking confirmation email.

You will need to download these videos and watch them before you arrive for your pick up. You may not have access to wifi when you arrive to our depot so it’s important for you to have access to these.

In the 48 hours before your pickup, the location manager will hold the $1000 security deposit on your card. If you want us to use a different card than one we’ve already used, let us know when you are submitting your paperwork.
You will receive an email containing instructions for your after-hours pick up.
This includes your lockbox code to access your key, your vehicle information, 24-hour roadside contact information, the final copy of your rental contract and the receipt for the security deposit.
NOTE: please check your spam or junk folder if you are missing any emails from us.

Please see the binder we leave for you in the van for instructions on how to return the van. Once the van is returned in the same condition we gave it to you in, we will release the hold on your funds and send you a closing receipt within 48-72 business hours. Please note that staff may not be present when you return – even if you are returning during our office hours.

Additional Information
Check out our cancellation policy on our terms page.
If you change your after-hours pick up to an in-office pick up, once we’ve received all requested paperwork and documentation from you, we will remove the $75 after-hours pick up fee and you will incur a $25 change fee.
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We hope you are gearing up for a great trip and we wish you the happiest of travels.