Find Your Park

for the National Park Service Centennial

Find Your Park Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park Night Sky, courtesy of NPS

“Science is the best idea humans ever had, and our national parks, monuments, and historic sites are often called ‘America’s Best Idea.’ We need to preserve and protect them. Let’s work together to understand the impact of climate change on our parks and sites, so that we can enjoy them now and well into the future, beyond the centennial of the National Park Service.” –Bill Nye, Centennial Embassador


The National Park Service is celebrating 100 years of service, conservation and stewardship of our most treasured places in America. National Parks belong to all of us. They are places that resonate in our souls and make memories that last a lifetime. The National Park Service and the National Park Foundation have teamed up to start the Find Your Park movement (FindYourPark.com). They are setting out to inspire people  to find the National Park or Public land that will stay in their heart forever in turn bringing about education and preservation of these precious places.

Here at Lost Campers campervan rental USA, we are very excited to be able to offer people a way to enjoy the America’s most cherished lands with comfortable and affordable campervan holidays across USA. It makes me a little misty eyed to think about it, but some of my fondest memories were made in National Parks, and to think that we help people go on adventures like this everyday, well…..makes me love my job all the more. On that note, if you already found your park, the Find Your Park website has an option where you can share your experiences and memories. How cool is that? Humans connecting with nature and in turn connecting with each other to inspire! Whew! I am just feeling the love as I write this post!

Find Your Park Craters of the Moon National Park

Craters of the Moon National Park, Courtesy of Matthew Nelson

There are going to be centennial celebrations throughout 2016 at all of the 407 National Parks! Here are some of the events that caught my eye, but be sure to follow up with some of your own research as well, because there is loads of great things going on!

Upcoming Find Your Park Centennial Events

Golden Gate National Recreation Area California


The National Parks BioBlitz


Bike Your Park Day


*Along with the awesome events going on, there are also Free Entrance Days for the 127 National Parks that typically require an entrance fee. Mark your calendars!


Find Your Park Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

Free Park Entrance Dates:

April 16 – 24: National Park Week

August 25-28: National Park Service Birthday (Happy 100th Birthday!)

September 24: National Public Lands Day

November 11: Veterans Day

So what are you waiting for? Book your campervan rental USA holiday and get out there and  Find Your Park!


Submitted by: Launi Haygood, Professional Camper, Lost Campers Crew