Winter break is upon us, and what better time to check out Arizona Winter camping? Arizona may be near unbearably hot during the summer, but in winter the harsh desert temperatures drop to a manageable 70 degrees in some areas. You can get all the beauty of Arizona’s unique geology and wildlife, without having to suffer the summer sun. Check out these Top 5 Arizona Winter camping spots for your vacation!


Your First Arizona Winter Camping Spot is Only Hours Away!

arizona winter camping

Red Rock State Park; Photo courtesy of wikimedia

To start off your getaway be sure to stop by Red Rock State Park. Only a 9 hour drive from our Salt Lake City Depot and 7 hours from our Los Angeles campervan rental depot, this park is just the first stop in our Arizona Winter camping adventure. Red Rock is located only a short drive outside of Sedona. Sedona is a popular destination for all sorts of travelers. Camping within the city limits is not allowed, though. On your way out of town you can stop to check out the beautiful scenery that Red Rock has to offer! Red Rock State Park offers many activities for all ages. Some activities include guided hikes to see geological or archaeological sites, bird walks, and nature walks. Camp sites are just outside of the park in several places. Cave Springs campground is a popular destination to spend a few days relaxing.



Stop in to see Coconino National Forest

arizona winter camping

Coconino National Forest; Photo courtesy of fs.usda.gov

Right in the same area is the Coconino National Forest. This park is open year round and offers an array of fun activities to do. Hiking, biking, and even winter sports are just a few of the things to do at this National Forest. They even offer horseback riding! A Lost Campers campervan can get you there and keep you comfortable while sticking to a perfect holiday budget.




Continue South for the Real Warm Weather

arizona winter camping

Patagonia Lake Bridge; Photo courtesy of Tucson.org

Of course, to get to the real warm weather you have to continue down south. Patagonia Lake State Park stays a mild 64 or so degrees Fahrenheit even in December! If this park gets any snow, it quickly melts away. Patagonia Lake goers can enjoy hiking trails, boating, and fishing during their stay. A Lost Campers campervan can get you down there for this top Arizona Winter camping spot with plenty of storage to carry your gear.





Check Out These Amazing Limestone Caverns!

arizona winter camping

Kartchner Caverns; Photo courtesy of southernarizonaguide.com

An hour outside of Patagonia Lake State Park is the Kartchner Caverns State Park. This unique park makes for an excellent winter getaway. Cave exploring is a popular summer activity because it allows explorers to get out of the sun for a while. But Kartchner Caverns stays warm even in winter; this allows exploration all year round! If caves aren’t for you, this State Park is still worth exploring. If only for the hiking trails, beautiful scenery, and they even have fossil exhibits! Whether you choose to stay long term or just drop in for a visit, a Lost Camper’s campervan can give you the freedom to move around without worry!



Head to the Border for some Amazing Views

arizona winter camping

Organ Pipe Cactus; Photo courtesy of nps.gov

One more must-see destination is the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. Located right along the Arizona-Mexico border, it’s home to amazing sights that make it worth the drive. Not to mention, even in the middle of winter this park manages to stay nice and warm. It’s just the place for any travelers that would like a break from the snow. With plenty of things to do and sights to see, this National Park is a perfect place to vacation. One of our Lost Campers campervans can get you there in no time. This park is only about a 8 hour drive away from our Los Angeles depot!





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Submitted by Aspen in SLC