Western Stargazing: Best National Parks to Stargaze

There are a lot of things that make camping in the Fall season wonderful: forests turn from green to fiery orange and gold, temperatures slowly drop from their summer highs, and there are numerous astronomical phenomena happening! Western Stargazing in the United States is a breeze with the many National Parks that allow campers to get away from the light pollution caused by cities and get a clear look at the skies overhead – perfect for observing Fall-season meteor showers. Simply put, fall camping is one of the best ways to unwind from day-to-day life, even if it’s only for a weekend!

The First Dark Sky Park in the World is Closer than you Think!

Western Stargazing

Photo courtesy of NPS

In Utah, Natural Bridges National Monument is the first dark-sky park in the world. Aside from being able to spot meteor showers with ease, the park allows guests to have a clear view of the sky like you just can’t see in the city. In fact, 80% of us in the United States can’t see the milky way from our front doors! Take a trip on down to Natural Bridges to see the night sky like it was meant to be seen- clear and full of stars. A Lost Campers Campervan can get you there and provide a place to camp while you’re out!




Check out this informative video on Natural Brides National Monument


Enjoy the Wonders in the Sky and on the Earth at Bryce Canyon

Fall Utah Camping and western stargazing in Bryce Canyon

Photo courtesy of brycecanyon.com

Bryce Canyon National Park, also in Utah, offers an array of night sky activities to allow guests to learn more about the world around us. Many activities are even lead by guest astronomers that can go more in depth about what visitors are seeing through the park’s telescopes. Bryce Canyon has a lot of daytime activities as well, and with temperatures dropping in fall, those daytime hikes are sure to be enjoyable for the whole family.





Festival Fun for Everyone at Great Basin National Park

Western Stargazing and fall camping in Great Basin

Photo courtesy of NPCA

Nevada’s Great Basin National Park has a 3 day astronomy themed festival in late September to celebrate the Perseid Meteor shower. The park has activities for both adults and children, making this a great time for the whole family to get away for a few days. At night, astronomer lead talks let guests gain in depth knowledge on what it is they’re seeing overhead. Great Basin’s flat terrain makes for an almost 360-degree view of the horizon, which is excellent for Western Stargazing.



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