We absolutely loved our time in Beefy the van!

As far as camper vans USA travel advice goes:
– Don’t sleep at Oakland Walmart.
– Don’t park in front of a fire hydrant
– The interstates are good for big day drives, but to see the country better, stick to the smaller roads. You will also meet more interesting people…
– If you do spend a night in a motel, there is no shame in asking for a better price! At the Grand Canyon we got a $200 a night room for $100 just by asking. Well worth it for the sunrise over the rim.
– If you go to LA, you can get free tickets to see tapings of shows e.g. Dr Phil, Jay Leno etc. Good, free entertainment!
– If you plan on going to lots of National Parks, buy the Parks pass at the first one for about $80. It lasts a year and is free entry to all National Parks. You still have “to pay to camp there, but this isn’t much. (This pass doesn’t cover State Parks though).
– If camping at a State or National Park you can have a camp fire (unlike if you are at a RV park or Walmart..), and is a good opportunity to cook a BBQ!
– Go to as many truck stops as possible. They sell Jesus and Ed Hardy paraphernalia (air fresheners etc) which make good presents…. 🙂
– Discount Malls. Enough said.
– A good tip: Odd numbered interstates in USA run North/South, and even numbered interstates run East/West.

Trip was awesome! Next time will definitely be for longer, as living in the van is surprisingly easy. Everything you need is there, and anything else can be purchased at Walmart! We had the most fun in the country areas, particularly when talking to locals who could not understand how/why we would be so far from home, and would always praise you when we ate up all the food they put in front of us!