Visit Utah hot springs in winter and enjoy travel van rental camping year round!

Snowflakes sway gently as they tumble down, steam rises around you from the hot mineral water that envelopes your body, relaxing your muscles and easing your stress.  The air is cold, but the water is hot and the contrast sparks your senses making you fully present in the moment. This is Utah Hot Springs in Winter.  There is nothing like it. The experience is calming, detoxifying and there is a list of health benefits that accompany soaking in hot mineral water.

With travel van rental from Lost Campers USA you can make the most out of your trip with some winter camping.  Ski, snowshoe or cross country ski all day and then rejuvenate your sore muscles in a Utah hot springs. Then get a good nights rest nestled in your campervan with your zero degree sleeping bag and an electric heater to keep you toasty!

Crystal Hot Springs

Utah hot springs in winter

Crystal, Utah Hot Springs in winter- photo credit to: www.crystalhotsprings.net/gallery/


Crystal Hot Springs offers one the highest mineral contents on earth. This is not your average pond in a field hot springs. They offer a main pool, olympic pool, several hot tubs, cold pool and a water slide to boot! There are changing rooms with lockers, bathrooms and showers. It is only $7 for an adult pass to soak all day, $10 if you want to rock the  slide. There is a campground on site but it closed from Oct.30-March 1  for the winter.  For more information visit: http://www.crystalhotsprings.net/

For camping near Crystal Hot Springs we recommend  Golden Spike RV park.  This RV park is located in Brigham City, just 10-15 minutes from the hot springs and is accessible to the I-15 freeway. Amenities include electric hook ups, bathroom and shower facilities and wi-fi.  They are open year round. For more information visit: http://goldenspikerv.com/

Homestead Crater

Located in Midway, Utah the Homestead Crater is an all natural thermal pool inside of a crater that is over 10,00 years in the making. This pool is the only warm scuba diving destination in the continental US. Since Midway is not far from Park City this would be a great excursion during the Sundance Film Festival. After all, they did film scenes for the movie 127 hours with James Franco here. A movie based on a true story that will forever haunt me and ensures that I always tell somebody where I am going hiking. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should pick it up.

*See our blog post about Winter Festival camping for details on where to camp in Park City, about 20 minutes from Midway.

homestead, Utah Hot Springs

Utah Hot Springs- Homestead Crater photo credit: www.gohebervalley.com

Homestead Crater hours: Monday through Thursday 12 pm to 8 pm
Friday & Saturday 10 am to 8 pm
Sundays 10 am to 6 pm

Pricing: Weekdays (Monday – Thursday): $11
Weekends (Friday – Sunday): $16
Snorkeling equipment: $5

Reservations are required, please call the Activity Center to make reservations: 435-657-3840. For more information visit: http://homesteadresort.com/utah-resort-things-to-do/homestead-crater/


Mystic Hot Springs

Utah Hot Springs in Winter

Mystic, Utah Hot Springs in Winter Photo Credit: www.utahoutdooractivities.com

Mystic Hot springs is located in Monroe Utah about 2.5 hours from Salt Lake City and is a great stop on your way to southern Utah for some winter camping at the national parks. There is a campground on site that is open year round. Mystic definitely follows it’s name as there is a hippie-earthy feel to the place.  These hot springs have been flowing for ages, the water is cooled through a channel and then it is collected among 8 soaking bath tubs and 2 concrete pools with temperatures varying from 98-110 degrees Fahrenheit.  Monroe is a beautiful area to camp in and the staff at Mystic are all very friendly and welcoming. Camp sites to park your campervan rental at Mystic cost $30 per night. For more information visit: http://www.mystichotsprings.com/index.html

Here are some other Utah hot springs you may want to research:

Meadow Hot Springs

Lava Hot Springs (Idaho)

Utah hot springs await you and a travel van rental from Lost Campers USA can get you there.


Submitted by Launi Haygood

-Utah hot springs junkie and camper van fan