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6 Road Trip Hacks For Keeping It Easy

 6 Practical Road Trip Hacks 

To Keep It Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy 


Life hacks are awesome, right? We think so. There is that old saying to work smarter, not harder and we here at Lost Campers think that goes for how we play too! Play smarter, not….wait okay, we like to play hard, so I will just get to the point. Here are some great road trip hacks to help you play harder & smarter! 


 Getting there..wherever that is…

Take a screenshot of your directions and maps when you have wi-fi as to be able to access your maps and directions easily in low or no service areas along the way. Google Maps, if you are using this app, also has an option to download your directions to your phone for offline access. We are all about getting lost, but you know what we mean…road trip hacks

Charging your devices

Bring a portable USB power bank for charging devices on the go. These come in handy. Packable and rechargeable power banks are a great safety accessory to throw in your backpack for a long day hike or whatevs, and they are reasonably priced.Road Trip Hacks

Reducing Waste & Stay Organized 

Make a trash can out of an old cereal box or something similar to keep your campervan clean while you travel. Upcycling trash to stay organized! Genius right? Be sure to recycle too! A clean campervan & clean earth makes for happy campers.

On this note, travel with a packable reusable grocery bag. These are cheap, small and super handy for various things from grocery shopping & organizing to throwing together a beach bag. Rid yourself of the need for those awful plastic bags! The earth’s oceans thank you. 

road trip hacks


If you have a Netflix account for video streaming or a paid Spotify for music streaming you can download movies, TV shows and music to your smartphone through these accounts that you can use even when you are offline. Every road trip needs good tunes right? 

Safety Patrol

Pick up a first aid kit and organize a bag or basket with drinking water and snacks in case of an emergency. It is always good to be prepared, especially if your navigator is a bit clumsy. road trip hacks


We hope you find these road trip hacks useful! Practical tips from the people who rent practical campervans at practical prices! We are geeking out on practicalities! 

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