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National Park Free Entrance

National Park Free Entrance Days 2017              The National Park free entrance days for 2017 have been announced! The National Park Service offers 413 amazing sites throughout the United States....

A less visited National Park

Great Basin National Park, a less visited National ParkGreat Basin National Park is a less visited National Park in the United States, but it certainly has a lot to offer. With the Centennial celebrations going on, many folks are hitting the road to celebrate the...

Lost Campers Contest Announcement!

The Lost Campers Photo, Video & Story Contest Winter /Spring  2017  Vote for Your Top Photos Entries Below (Voting Ends 5/31/17 @12PM PDT)  We are very excited to announce the second ever Lost Campers Contest for Photos, Videos and Stories! Over the years, it...

Camping Hacks For Camper Van Travel

Camper van camping hacks that every Lost Camper should know!Camping hacks make life easier! Here at Lost Campers we are all about practical solutions while camping and road tripping. Here are some of our favorite camper van camping hacks that work well for campervan...

Winter Camping Sedona, Arizona

Winter Camping SedonaWinter camping Sedona is a great way to take a break from the grey days of winter. This gorgeous area of Arizona exceeded my expectations and reminded me of how much beauty the desert has to offer during the colder months. The landscape changes...

Super Bowl Van Rentals

Super Bowl Van Rentals are ready for game day! Super Bowl 50 is happening on Feb. 5th and the buzz is all over the Bay Area! This epic event is taking place at the beautiful Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara. Our Super Bowl Van rentals are ready to roll whether you...

Camping Music Festivals 2016- Spring Schedule

Camping Music Festivals 2016....campervans and music go together like peas and carrotsHere is the Camping Music Festivals 2016 spring schedule for the western U.S. March through May Camping Music Festivals 2016 are one of the best reasons to rent a campervan. You can...

Utah Hot Springs in Winter

Visit Utah hot springs in winter and enjoy camping year round!Snowflakes sway gently as they tumble down, steam rises around you from the hot mineral water that envelopes your body, relaxing your muscles and easing your stress.  The air is cold, but the water is hot...

Winter Festival Camping

Winter Festival Camping - Cure Your Cabin Fever!There are definitely some fantastic winter festivals worth a visit.  Prepared to brave colder weather and still have loads of fun? Then we have the cure for your cabin fever! Who would think that winter festivals and...

Camping Near Hollywood

Camping Near HollywoodWhen it comes to things to do in Hollywood there is definitely plenty to choose from. For a Lost Camper, Hollywood makes a great one or two day trip to put your LA tourist hat on and get lost! We have some great recommendations for camping near...

Winter Camping Zion

 Winter camping Zion could be one of the most memorable trips that you will ever take and Lost Campers would love to get you there. For most people the thought of camping during winter does not even cross their mind, but this is why winter camping Zion is such an...

Disneyland, Planning a trip on a budget

Disneyland is well known as the most magical place on earth. No matter how much magic you desire, a trip to Disneyland does not have to break your bank. Visiting Disneyland and sunny southern California can be done on a budget and a Lost Campers Campervan is a...

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